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    Dealey Plaza Still Echoes
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    Just in time for Hallowe'en : Revised "Greenwood Girl"

    To save space, I'll just refer you to my site: I think you'll enjoy the visit !
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    Two Hawks Hunting Out Back This AM

    There were two hawks hunting a squirrel in the back yard this morning. (They may have been young, because they weren't very good at it !) I couldn't identify the species .(Coloration was identical, so I'm guessing they had been nest mates.) Size: about half again the size of a dove. Color...
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    You Were Mistaken !!

    I know most of you ignored the sage warnings given on TV during "Shark Week". "After all", you probably thought. " Who ever heard of a shark attack in the NJ Pines ? " Hey ! You were warned !!
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    Interesting Write-up On Pine Snakes in Barrens

    Just saw this today - probably old news here. :) Baby Pine Snakes fitted with radio transmitters so they can be tracked... At least one got tracked into the belly of a black racer....
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    The Return of Ms Rabbit

    Happy Independence Day ! Here's something to smile/scowl at before the fireworks start>
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    Nature's Reality - from my Back Window

    I've been watching the frantic efforts of robins, starlings, and other song birds, as they try to keep their rapidly growing nestlings fed. I've also seen an abundance of crows-usually being chased and harassed by song birds - for good reason. This morning a crow lit in my back yard with a...
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    "Odd" Rabbit Behavior

    (Odd to me, anyway !) Glancing out back window this afternoon, saw a rabbit feeding on something it was discovering on the newly-mowed lawn. Nothing unusual there. Rabbit got to fence-stopped-then rolled over on its back, and began twisting around with paws in the air - about like a puppy...
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    Free Bluegrass Festival - Monmouth County

    On Sunday, April 14th Heidi Olsen & The Night will be performing traditional bluegrass music during the Bluebell Festival at Historic Walnford Park during the annual Bluebell Festival. This day will include lots of live bluegrass music, family friendly activities including crafts, story...
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    Bald Eagle Spotted

    Location was Washington Township, just west of Fries Mill Rd. via back yard window. Brief sighting, but was able to see white head and brown/black plumage fairly clearly.Range was about 30 yards. It was about the size of our ubiquitous turkey vultures , but I noticed it seemed to use a far...
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    Some thoughts on the problem of school shootings...

    This post is wrong on many,many levels, I suppose, but :
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    Gasoline Rationing Starts at Noon ---Help on Way

    Odd-Even gas rationing in the storm-hit counties-effective noon today (Sat., 11/03) President Obama has directed FEMA to ship millions of gallons of unleaded gas, and diesel fuel, and that will be coming in soon, accodring to this report...
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    Halloween Pictures

    Since there probably won't be much trick or treating this year, about the best I can offer is a link to some Hallowe'en pictures (Newsworks):
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    Unknown Aircraft

    On Thursday, 09/06/12, at about 8:00PM, I noticed northbound aircraft lights-moving northerly direction at exceptionally slow speed (or so it seemed.) Went out and took 2 shots. 1 was just a blur-other a bit sharper. I tried to make out whether it might be the Navy dirigible, but it was too...
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    New Sightings Out My Window

    Sighting #1 tonight was a Red-Tailed Hawk, which perched and posed on a chimney about 200 yards from the house. I squeezed off a few shots with shaking hands -using auto and manual focus. (I was shaking a bit as you will notice.) At about 8:00PM , the Navy Lighter-than-airship...
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    Jemima Mount Re-Visited

    Like many of you, I have wondered for years about the name "Jemima Mount" -site of a geodetic survey marker-but hardly a mountain ! (I seem to recall checking the elevation once -many years ago-and coming up with a "lofty" 100' .) Keeping in mind some of the early "Pineys" had a humorous turn...
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    Here's Something Different : "Predation" by a Ground Hog !!

    My son has nice salt water swimming pool . Dead animals : moles and baby rabbits started turning up dead/nearly dead in pool.Yesterday evening, a baby rabbit was fished out-still (barely) alive. It had been mangled. Just feet away from the pool, there is a "rabbit hole", which has been left...
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    After the Storm(s)

    Everybody okay ?? It looked pretty scary for a while here. You've probably read the reports from Pennsylvania, etc. Saw one about a camper who fled to the safety of her car, and was then crushed when a tree fell on it.:(
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    Darwin Awards Announced !!

    2012 Darwin Awards Nominee No. 1: [ San Jose Mercury News]: An unidentified man, using a shotgun like a club to break a former girl friend's windshield, accidentally shot himself to death when the gun discharged, blowing a hole in his gut. Nominee No. 2: [ Kalamazoo Gazette]: James Burns, 34...
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    The Dog

    I see many of you are dog owners , and imagine you might enjoy this stirring tribute to the well-loved species.