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    ORV park meeting

    Found this info on Craiglist figured some of the people here might be interested. Little Egg Harbor Off-Road Park Special Township Meeting Tuesday June 30, 2009 TIME: 7:00 PM in the evening. Hi Everyone, I was just over at the Little Egg Harbor Township Municipal Complex and...
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    Do deer ticks "nest"

    As ive said before i take my son to the pines atleast a few times a week, i usually have a tick or 2 on me most days he has none sometimes 1. Today after doing the blue trail at Batsto i am infested with deer ticks. On the drive home i picked off 22 on my right leg between my knee and hip.Upon...
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    Want to buy a Larger Cedar Stump

    I am looking for a large cedar Stump, something atleast 24 inches in diameter at the smallest end, i would like something as gnarly as possible and can come and dig it up and pay for it if need be. Thank you in advance
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    Good trails to use outside of Batsto

    Hello all My son and I have recently befun making bi-weekly trips to batsto and have been doing both the blue and white trails, each a few miles or so. As my son is only 2 i use a top of the line jogging stroller with big 20 inch wheels that can travers the some of the most difficult terain...
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    I have read this MB for awhile but have never posted or even registered until now. I have spent my life living in South Jersey but escaping to the pine barrens every chance i get, my earliest memories are being 3 years old and my parents taking me down quaker bridge road to the sandy area...