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    Ocean County Railroad Disscussion

    The Waretown barnch of the Ocean County library will be host the railroad disscussion from Wells Mills Park. German will be the speaker. He is the same one how gives the talk at Wells Mills with the slide show. It will be held Aug. 9th at 7:00 pm I think. You need to call the library to...
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    Kids kayak & canoe camp

    Kids Kayak Camp Learn the basics of sea kayaking and gain confidence during this two-day “on land and in the water†kayak camp. You will learn about kayak safety, necessary equipment, paddling techniques, and simple rescues. You will even go on a short kayak trip the second day...
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    Basket Making Kids Style

    Basket Making Kids Style This functional basket can be used for many things. You will learn basic weaving to create this fun basket. The size is 6W x 9L x 4H with two straps. Please bring a $10.00 material fee to be paid to Mary May the instructor. Pack a lunch and join the fun...
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    Smokey the Bear turns 60

    On Saturday Wells Mills Park will be hosting a birthday bash for Smokey. It starts at 10 am and runs until 1. They will be having talks of different topics, game, face painting, crafts, and nature walks. They will also have the traveling safety house, fire trucks and gear, birthday cake and...
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    Looking for New Jersey Sod farm

    Okay since we are all from all over this great state of ours. Anyone have a sod farm by them and could ya send me the name of it so I can call???? We are looking to finish our back yard and sod is the last bit of it. Nykki
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    poisonous snake of the pine barrens

    I was wondering if someone could post a list of the poisonous snakes of the Barrens. We were out yesterday and Angie was walking backwards on a trail when Colby told her to stop and not move. There was a Hognose right on the trail not even 2 feet from her. It was a really cool site. He turned...
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    Frog question

    I have a question. I went today to get some stuff for our outside pond. I looked into the pond with fish and there was a tadpole in there. I asked the guy if it was a bull frog on and he said I don't know it's a yellow belly. Have any clue if it's a bullfrog or not? Thanks, Nykki Who really...
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    Pancoast project in Barnegat causes concern

    I heard they were going to run them right down Pancoast Rd. Pancoast project in Barnegat causes concern By NICHOLAS HUBA Staff Writer BARNEGAT -- Residents of an age-restricted community are concerned that the relocation of the...
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    Controlled burn by Weeb Mill 539

    They have a controlled burn going on right now on 539 up by Webbs Mill. You could feel the heat from it inside the car. Nykki
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    very off topic

    Anyone know how to care for a Bull Frog in a outdoor pond? Nykki
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    I finally went in today and played with my photos. I posted a few in my Barnegat album of the Railroad stuff: I got lots more to put up, like Renees leanto. So I'll do more tomorrow but I wanted to share the rr ones now. Nykki
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    Pine Barrens are burning

    We just went to go to Home Depot and Walmart and could see a fire off of Rt. 72. Looks like Penn State Forest. Nykki
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    Train Wrecks 1967

    I'm looking for information on 2 train wrecks. Both of them happened right around the same time one in Chatsworth and the other right at the Jackson/ Toms River border. Even if you know what trains they would be would be a big help. Thanks. Nykki
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    The Last Broadcast

    Has anyone ever heard of this movie? and if so how was it? Nykki
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    Controlled burn near Ten Mile Hollow

    As I was driving home tonight from Toms River it was very smokey and the woods were pretty black. I'm guessing they did a controlled burn there today. I have no clue how far back or anything it was dark so I couldn't really see and the smoke was pretty thick. I know they did Lakehurst last...
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    FRM Clean up

    I was wondering if anyone else was doing the FRM clean up April 18th and the hike afterwards. Nykki
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    Old M.E. Church Goshen, NJ

    Has anyone ever heard of this place? Nykki
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    Silly GPS Question

    I keep seeing GPS systems for laptops and PDAs but do they work with desktops too? Nykki & Mitch
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    Cemetery tour

    I was wondering if their was anyone else into visiting old cemeteries in the Pine Barrens area. Maybe we could make a get together of it one weekend. Nykki
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    Pine Barren Books

    While riding around shopping with a friend today I saw a sign for a used and rare books store in Manahawkin. Until Sunday they are having a half price sale on all their books. I got lucky and got Heart of the Pines for $25. It's brand new condition. Their names are Verde Antiques and they are...