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    West meets East

    Last Saturday, I did a section of the Batona Trail from Batsto to Evans Bridge. Before the Bull Creek bridge, I noticed a number of bricks and brick fragments in the road way. One brick had the maker's mark visible - "SB Co". It appears this brick and possibly the others were made by the San...
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    Quaker Soap

    Would anyone know why the foamy deposits found on cedar streams is called quaker soap?
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    Short Hike

    Today I did a short hike from Batsto to Evans Bridge on the Batona Trail. Started off cold then got a little warmer :) Hadn't been on this section in twenty years and was amazed at how I could still locate things I saw back then. Some parts are a little overgrown, saw a seagull which disappeared...
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    A few questions

    Hey all. I was out on the Batona Trail today with my GPS and noticed the trail crosses a dirt road with the name of Norlemon. Would anyone know the origin of this name? Also, near Deep Hollow Pond, there is an old paved road which I understand to be part of an old campground or campsite -...