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    Richard Jones of Hanover Furnace

    Attached is an image taken from a tintype of Richard Jones (1812-1890). He and his brother, Samuel, were the later proprietors of Hanover Furnace and Maryann Forge having purchased the operations from their father Benjamin. They operated the furnace from 1844 to about 1853, when the equipment...
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    Benjamin Jones of Hanover Furnace

    I am posting this for anyone who may be interested in what the proprietor of Hanover Furnace looked like. I had previously been told by a distant relative that there had been a painting of Benjamin Jones but it had gotten destroyed. However, he was mistaken, as the painting still exists...
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    Samuel Howell, Jr. of Hanover Furnace

    Hello everyone, I haven't posted in a while, but I came across an item some here may find of interest. While researching some genealogy of the Jones/Howell families I came across a book published in 1898 with a photo of Samuel Howell, Jr. in it. Samuel was a part owner of the Mount Misery Saw...
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    New Jersey Session Laws

    Acts of the General Assembly of New Jersey Hey all, I have been perusing the session laws of New Jersey and thought some might find this of interest: Any others I come across, I will post links to...
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    ? - Mexican Trucks in America
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    F150 Xl

    All, I am selling my 2001 F-150 XL. It is hunter green with a standard cab, long bed, tan cloth bucket seats, cd player, no power windows or locks, 2wd, just under 104K miles. Asking $5,000. Please PM me if you are interested. Sincerly, Tom
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    Mullica River

    Everyone, My parents are talking about moving to somewhere along the Mullica River. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding what township/areas are nice? Thanks for the input. Tom
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    Can anyone tell me a good website that lists all the spiders found in this region? Our home has a rubble foundation and dirt floor. It stays relatively damp and is the perfect habitat for a few different species that I have seen, however, I don't know spiders. We often get spiders in the...
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    Hot Shot

    I had been reading about the Black Horse Tavern which was in Mount Holly at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries. The proprietor, Zachariah Rossell (Old Zack), was a popular individual known from Philadelphia and New York to England. He served out "Hot Shot" to the British...
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    Has anyone read this book?

    Shadow in the Pines, by Stephen W Meader; Edward Shenton If so, how was it? Tom
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    Jobs Old Swamp

    Does anyone have any idea where this is/was? It is in the Pemberton area. If not, does anyone know where Troy Island is?
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    Richard Jones of Hanover Furnace

    I tracked down a cousin of mine that lives in Ithica, NY and he happened to have a tin-type of Richard Jones and a water color of the manor house on the lake at Hanover Furnace. I have posted copies of them in my album (grandchildren of Richard Jones) for anyone who may be interested. They are...
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    Question about cleaning books.

    Hey everyone. I have been away from the board for a while. Anyway, I have a few old books that were packed in a trunk in my father's barn for the past 18 years and prior to that they had been in his basement for at least 30 years...where they were prior to that I haven't any idea, except...
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    Body World

    Has anyone gone to the Body World exhibit at the Franklin Institute? I went last night and it was absolutely amazing. If you haven't gone and are interested in this sort of thing (even if you're not), make a point to see it. I think the exhibit ends at the end of the month. T
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Happy St. Paddy's everyone.
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    Spring Peepers

    I was at a friends house this evening in Columbus and heard spring peepers for the first time this season. That has got to be the most relaxing sound.
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    1859 map of Florence I had gotten this copy from the Florence Historical Society. The copy, unfortunately, doesn't show the entire town. The iron works was situated to the left of B.W. Jones property.
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    Richard Jones' Grand-children

    I posted pictures in my gallery of some of Richard Jones (of Hanover Furnace) and Susan E Gibbs grand-children. I thought some of you might find them interesting. Some of them I am not certain exactly which child they are. These are the children of Benjamin Jones, the son of Richard, and Mary...
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    Mary Ann (Mariann) Forge

    All this talk recently about treasure hunters and dictators has made me wonder. What needs to happen for the state archaeologists to come in and excavate it? I, personally, would really like to see this happen. I assume that the site of the forge is on State lands. Ariadne, can you shed...
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    Mount Relief

    I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding Mount Relief. I came across this article regarding the name change in 1892. However, I have a map from 1844 that has Mount Misery noted as Mount Relief. What is the earliest record of Mount Relief? Beverly man delivers post-office...