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  1. imkms

    94 Bears killed on opening day in NJ

    Seems like a high number to me, I wonder what percentage this is to the total # of bears in NJ.
  2. imkms

    Two headed rattle snake in Pines
  3. imkms

    Looking for a new SUV?

    Rolls-Royce has just released its first, and it can be yours for a mere $325000.
  4. imkms

    Hunters Moon this weekend

    This weekend brings a super moon and the brightest so far this year.
  5. imkms

    Anyone try this place out
  6. imkms

    Missing person in Pines

    Good luck to this guy, rough weather to go missing in the pines.
  7. imkms

    Can't view images

    This morning I am not able to view any images. In all of the posts I opened the images were all blank. Is this just me or are others having this issue. Thanks
  8. imkms

    Pine Barrens unusual names

    There are plenty of locations, roads, etc. in or near the Pine Barrens with unusual names, and I would love to know the origin of these names. Some examples that I can think of are Ongs Hat, Purgatory, Penny Pot, Mount Misery, Sweetwater, and too many more to list here. Let's see who can...
  9. imkms

    Critters unleashed in NJ

    Officials in New Jersey have unleashed thousands of weevils to devour the so-called mile-a-minute vine weed that's been flourishing since Superstorm Sandy. The tiny bugs only eat the mile-a-minute weed. The weed, which thrives on sunshine and moist soil and can grow up to 6 inches a day, has...
  10. imkms

    Park Ranger crashes into Atsion Lake
  11. imkms

    Who knew? Coyotes in Chicago!

    .........A recent Ohio State University study estimated that there may be somewhere between several hundred and a couple thousand coyotes living in Chicago, with some of the animals living in city parks and others among apartment and commercial buildings and in industrial parks...
  12. imkms

    Bobcat in cactus

    OUCH!! Not in the pines, but a rare site; GOLD CANYON, Ariz. - The images are incredible. A bobcat that has scampered to the top of a saguaro cactus -- and it was quite a climb! The photos were captured in Gold Canyon, at the foot of the Superstition Mountains. The bobcat was trying to...
  13. imkms

    Forest Fire in Winslow

    Crews are battling a forest fire adjacent to the Atlantic City Expressway in Camden County. Officials tell Action News the blaze broke out Friday morning near Winslow Road in Winslow Township.
  14. imkms

    829-pound bear takes record in N.J. hunt

    It's sad that this awesome animal was taken down, but all things considered it's amazing he lasted as long as he did.
  15. imkms

    Eagle Owl attack

    Came across this and wanted to share. This link is an excellent display of an Eagle Owl coming in for an attach (to a camera). The birds flight corrections and accuracy are amazing.
  16. imkms

    Deer with wings

    I guess we shouldn't have this issue in the pines.
  17. imkms

    Fishkill at Smithville

    Took a walk around Smithville today (the Smithville between Mt. Holly and Pemberton) and there were hundreds of dead fish floating in the lake. They had to be there for at least a few days because of their smell. Any ideas why this happens?
  18. imkms

    White Christmas

    Could be a possible White Christmas in this area. Weather Bureau is tracking a major winter event which could start between Friday night and Saturday night-prep the snow blowers and stay tuned. *****Merry Christmas*****
  19. imkms

    Southern Pine Bark Beetle

    Anyone know if the pine trees in the barrens are vulnerable to this.
  20. imkms

    Motion Camera

    Not pines, but enjoyable especially if you crank up the sound.