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  1. Wreckless

    New law: no smoking in public parks, forests?

    Classic example of government overreach into individual life.
  2. Wreckless

    Magazine ban update

    Worse than terrible but par for the course with the Trenton Crew.
  3. Wreckless

    Ticks & Chiggers--a study

    That is the thing that absolutely terrifies me. Getting a meat allergy from a tic bite.
  4. Wreckless

    The Delaware River

    I have seen ice on the river lift and move the Coast Guard buoys substantial distances. It is an awesome and dangerous power.
  5. Wreckless

    Camp Dix

    Thank you for sharing those. Some look very familiar and I bet were just canned military shots attributed to Dix but shot elsewhere. Others I have never seen before.
  6. Wreckless

    What is this hole in the ground?

    Used to use pit blinds for hunting crows also. Put out decoys and start using a call. pop up when they start arriving.
  7. Wreckless

    Tres Dept to Toyota: "Where did ISIS get all of those trucks?" Pot, meet kettle...

    I used to auction Law Enforcement seized vehicles. Guys who barely spoke english would buy up all they could get with cash and drive them straight to container ships at the port of Baltimore for transshipment to West Africa.
  8. Wreckless

    The NEW Beer Thread

    The Germans have some very nice brews...
  9. Wreckless

    Eco-Terrorism in the Pines

    In the 70's it was fishing line.
  10. Wreckless

    Eco-Terrorism in the Pines

    The problem is the middle ground gets squished when a dispute gets polarized and emotional like this one.
  11. Wreckless

    ORV Management In Sensitive Areas Of Wharton

    Police and security experts recommend that Internet users remain anonymous for their personal safety. It is just a good practice. The world is populated by scammers, criminals, and the mentally unbalanced. There is absolutely no valid reason to unnecessarily expose yourself to potential personal...
  12. Wreckless

    Rancocas State Park ruins?

    Across the creek in the Centerton section of Mount Laurel there was a phosphorous factory that made matches. Old timers told me about it as my house was nearby. Housing development has obliterated much in the area. Also across from the park was an amusement park in Rancocas Woods. My grandmother...
  13. Wreckless

    Jersey Devil Encounters?

    It was August of 1978 in my hometown of Delanco. It was your typical sultry hot summer night on the banks of the Delaware River. I was 16 years old and had a girlfriend I was madly in love with. My parent’s 10PM curfew put a serious crimp in the style of this then young Romeo. Being creative...
  14. Wreckless

    Nothampton River location in Burlington County?

    Thank you once again! I do not have any additional data at this time as I am a very preliminary stage and the familial link is tenuous at this time. I have much more "digging" to do.
  15. Wreckless

    Nothampton River location in Burlington County?

    Thank you Jerseyman. I knew I could count on you for the answer. Henry Low would be the ancestor in question. I would appreciate any help that you can muster on my behalf.
  16. Wreckless

    Nothampton River location in Burlington County?

    Does anyone know what waterway is currently the old Nothampton River in Burlington County? Looks like Northampton is now Mount Holly Twp. Seems and old family deed entry as follows: 1696 July 21. Deed. Henry LOW of Northampton River, Burlington Co., planter, to James SHERWIN of said Co...
  17. Wreckless

    Mizpah Sand Quarry

    Ah, but this was WW2 and especially with munition plants along the coast and potentially vulnerable to aerial bombing the government dispersed defense contractors and duplicated plants so that the supply could not be cut off by a lucky hit. Also, incendiary bombs are very hazardous to produce...