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    Fake Oil Discovery in South Jersey

    Pretty interesting article. Lived within a few miles for the first 18 years of my life and never heard of this until today.
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    The Inlet. (Kayak)

    Cannot imagine this holding up, at all, especially while dragging it in and out of the water. That's where most of your hull wear happens. I have a "Lifetime" brand cheapo that was a $149 closeout deal at Dick's and I would recommend it to anyone. My wife has a much more expensive one, that I...
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    Atco Powerline ROW

    You're probably right. I assumed they were borrow pits, dug to spare the expense of bringing in outside material for fill to be used for road repairs. Hadn't noticed them before today, but I also wasn't really looking.
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    Atco Powerline ROW

    Did a little exploring this morning in the area and came upon these weird ditches perpendicular to the road where it looks like dirt had been removed, maybe to repair the road surface? Located approximately here...
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    Atco Powerline ROW

    Does the bridge/culvert located here still exist?
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    Atco Powerline ROW

    If you can make it through the usual hole at Waverly ave (never knew it had a name) you can just bypass the fence... Is Old Atsion Road passable all the way to, and beyond, the Mullica? Is there a bridge over the river? I camp frequently at Goshen Pond and have tried a few different ways in...
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    Recommendations for Hiking Groups?

    If you check the Wharton SF facebook page, they sometimes have announcements for various guided hikes, mostly in the Atsion and Batsto area.
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    Route 206 closed near Hammonton due to forest fire

    Finally toured the area yesterday. Looks like lots of firefighting equipment was up and down Sandy Causeway, as it's freshly bulldozed with track marks still visible. Doesn't look like any fire jumped across to the west or below Sleeper Branch. The lady at Angie's Diner said it came right up to...
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    Route 206 closed near Hammonton due to forest fire

    This one from the NJFFS shows smoke west /southwest of the lake, in the woods toward Atco.
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    Does anybody know what this metal hardware is ?

    Found it, i think.
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    Route 206 closed near Hammonton due to forest fire

    Has anyone driven through the area yet? Curious if the fire was on both sides of the old CNJ tracks and all the way out to Sandy Causeway. It's pretty wet and swampy in there...
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    Does anybody know what this metal hardware is ?

    Got coords for this? I can't picture this location.
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    Salem Oak

    The 1217 is likely just graffiti. There is a little bronze plaque on that stone, and last year the township spread some mulch around it. I work just down the street in Runnemede and I didn't know about it until maybe two years ago.
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    Salem Oak

    There is a very old tree near where I work, in Deptford township, along the south bank of the Timber Creek. It's called, locally at least, Clement's Oak, and is thought to be of similar age. Local tradition has it that when the first white settlers came to the area in the first half of the...
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    Work on Batona Camp Road and Hampton Road

    That red clay dirt they haul in sure packs down hard, but when it washboards it beats the hell out of your vehicle. The local sandy soil gives that nice cushion. I don't like what they did to Hampton Road, it's like some kind of suspension torture test.
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    Ruins, Replaced Pipe, And Various Other Things

    Stokes between Hampton and QB is a roller coaster ride, and in many places so narrow that both sides of your vehicle scrape the brush!
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    Cabin Camping

    Be forewarned, it's almost impossible to get a weekend unless you just happen to catch someone's cancellation. Most people reserve way before the camping season. You'll likely find a few openings during random Tuesdays to Thursdays only. Good luck.
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    WJAS Star Watch at Batsto

    If anyone is interested in this stuff... this group sets up their telescopes near the Batsto visitor center and allows the public to check out some views of planets, the moon, etc. Fun event for kids especially, I've taken my daughter a few times. Many of them even have stepstools set up to help...
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    best small compressed air tank?

    Any hvac or refrigeration contractor will have tons of old empty freon tanks laying around. They look similar to a propane grill tank but use 5/16" acme-type fittings and are meant for holding pressure. An adapter fitting from 5/16" acme to a hose barb for regular compressed air hose can be had...
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    I do this to my wife's car several times a year-- at first the result looks great but in a month or so the haze returns. The problem is, by removing the outer layer of the polycarbonate lens, you've taken away the UV protection.