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    Any ideas what kind of bird this is?

    I'm thinking a cooper hawk but not positive. It was by far the biggest we've seen. It also let me get within 5 ft of it and didn't fly away until I let the dog out.
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    Can you identify this?

    There was a bird sitting by our coop for at least 30 minutes earlier today. From far away it looked like a hawk (we've been having issues with hawks going after the chickens) but when I let the dogs out, it didn't fly away. I thought it might be injured so I took a walk out, it let me get about...
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    ch-47 chinooks?

    They go past our house on an almost daily basis, through our backyard and sometimes low and close enough that they wake up my sleeping daughter. Almost always in a southwest or northeast direction so we're assuming they are coming from or going to ft dix but aren't sure what is southwest of...
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    Bald eagles in south Jersey?

    Hi All. I want to say I'm new but I've been lurking for quite awhile. My family and I moved to SJ the beginning of the year and I have to say I was quite disappointed my husband (who is from the area) knows basically nothing about the history of where he grew up. I was lucky enough to find...