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    In need of advice

    Ive been thinking about going back to school... Right now I'm working at PATCO High Speed line, which is basically a dead end job despite good pay and benefits. Ive been looking into going to The University of Maine to study Forest Ecosystem Science and Conservation. It seems like something I...
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    Warning: This is a rant

    This is something that I have been thinking about that has really been bothering me. What happens over time that turns such nice places into such terrible places. Im talking about cities like Camden and Philadelphia. These are places that years ago when they were first settled people were...
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    Contrail Conspiracies

    Hey guys, I was watching a special on Discovery Times regarding the conspiracy theory surrounding airplane contrails. Some people believe that the Government is releasing weather modifying chemicals into the atmosphere via the contrails released by airplanes...
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    Has anyone come across...?

    ...Schizaea pusilla the curly grass fern? From what I have read they are basically exclusive to the Pines. It was discovered at Quaker Bridge in 1805, and according to allegidly disappeared for 13 years. Have any of you come across this plant...
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    What started as a backpacking trip ended as a simple photoshoot

    On Monday 7/16/07 I planned on taking the Mullica River Wilderness Trail to the Mullica River Wilderness Campsite (say that five times fast!) A very nice drive to Batsto led to a not so nice rainstorm when I arrived, but hey, I had just drove for nearly fourty minutes to get down here and a...
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    new toys

    I just got my fiance and myself a new camera. We are real excited about it. Its a Nikon D40. Ive had experience with older Nikons and loved them and I figuered its time to enter the digital era. Pretty soon youll be seeing some of our photographs up here. Im headed to do the trail to the Mullica...
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    Amatol on earth

    I was exploring Google Earth and found this to be really fascinating. Im sure that some of you have stumbled across this before. Im sure most of you have seen this before: Apply that to this...
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    good news for poison ivy sufferers

    delete this delete this
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    New Camera

    Hey everyone, At this present point in time, I do not own a camera. Right now my fiance and I are looking into purchasing a D-SLR. The one that we have our eye on is the Nikon D-40. I used to have an old Nikon 35mm and I was always happy with its performance and I know that their products are...
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    Trail Journal: Batona 6/1 - 6/3/07

    After picking my Jeep up from the shop on Friday I packed it up and headed to the Pines. I had been waiting weeks for my solo backpacking trip and I was ready and rearing to go. I headed over to the Atsion Station to pay for my campsites. I brought 2 dollars with me to pay for my two primitive...
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    new interest

    Hey everyone! Ive been living in NJ for almost 2 years now. I grew up, up north in Rhode Island and spent my summers as a kid in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I have to say I was a bit turned off when I initially moved here but I slowly began to accept it and actually to like it here...
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    Backpacking anyone?

    I was just wondering if anyone was interested in starting a little barrens backpacking click. little weekend trips for now hopefully some full through hikes later on. As of now the days off ive been utilizing that i get off almost every week are thurs. and friday. What i have been planning is...