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    Black Run Preserve - North Section

    1.55 Mile Loop
  2. NJCoastal

    Black Run Preserve - South Section (AeroHaven Trails)

    Hike began at the "Bortons Rd Trailhead".
  3. NJCoastal

    NJ BATONA Trail Carrenza Rd to Mines Spung Rd - 6 Miles (Out + Back)

    A "no rush" day hike on Friday, April 15 under a blue sky, in warm temperature, and with a gentle breeze (1300). Intersection of the BATONA Trail (pink blaze) and the Horse Trail (red blaze - left) from the Carranza Memorial Parking (1306). BATONA Trail and railroad tracks intersection...
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    NJ Rancocas State Park - Mount Laurel 1 Mile Loop Hike

    Rename txt file extension of the attached file to gpx (GPS format).
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    The Batsto Lake Loop Trail by Walter Zolna (video)

    Scenic Hiking in the Legendary New Jersey Pine Barrens
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    NJPIneBarrens and related sites a good education.

    During the short amount of time that l’ve been on this site I’ve learned plenty of what I need to know to pursue enjoyment in the Pinelands. When I see this posted: Instead of this posted: I just smile and shake my head. My initial interpretation of New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve...
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    True Definition of Off-Road Vehicle.

    Proposal (should read): Any motorized vehicle unable to obtain a “Vehicle Registration” as issued by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.
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    ORV - Soil Retention - Carbon? What Da?!!! They're Serious!

    "... what off-road vehicle use does to soil retention and carbon in the Pinelands.” (NJ) Requires additional inquiry: Land Use, Climate Impacts & Sustainability Committee Meeting - March 17, 2021 PINELANDS CLIMATE COMMITTEE MEETING AGENDA - September 15, 2021 Pinelands Commission Meetings