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    Black Bear Alert Waterford Twp. (Jackson Rd. area)

    Did not know that. I was aware of Bob Cats and Coyotes. Just not used to seeing an alert about bears like that around here. I also had read that it was seen on Chew Rd. in the area of the tracks last week. I am guessing folks around Waterford/Medford/Evesham are not used to a spotting like this...
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    Black Bear Alert Waterford Twp. (Jackson Rd. area)

    Got this message on my facebook. Waterford Township Residents Be Alert!!!! On this date the police department received numerous reports of a large black bear in the area of Ellwood, Richards, and Linden Avenues. The bear was pushed by the police department into the woods off of Jackson Road...
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    Southern Pine Bark Beetle

    I was going to ask the same question. There is also a development in Marlton (Meadow Lane to be exact) where there are a lot of dead trees, kinda eerie looking.
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    The mystery Bog and a Nantucket sleigh ride

    Nat Geo should come out and start a new series "Monster Fish of The New Jersey Pine Barrens" Nice catch, thanks for sharing.
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    Sunrise at 1/4 Mile Road

    Anyone have connections to the Army or National Guard? It would be funny to see the reaction if a Humvee cruised through there with top mounted 50 cal. I know, wishfull thinking!
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    Red Devil?

    I pretty much grew up in the Chews Landing/Glendora area. My mother and father grew up there. Big Timber Creek was only a few steps away from both of their front doors when they grew up. As kids my brother, cousins and I would explore the Big Timber Creek area including Slims Ranch and Gabriel...
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    The Hut

    In New Jersey a minor is not even allowed to sit at the bar. I am sure it depends on the bar, the bar tender and whether they want to be fined.
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    What is this

    Maybe it's a Drone.
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    The Hut

    On my way to the shore last weekend I noticed there is a for rent sign out front of Finnerty's Hut. I always wondered what it looked like inside.
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    Trashing the pines

    If it were patrolled more, the violators were fined, or even arrested then the word would get out and eventually people would stop going up there. It could be a money maker for the State for a while. Just think of all the dumping/litering fines along with DUI arrests. Cha Ching! Bryan
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    Coyle Field 5/13/2010

    Sorry for the late notice. The FBI will be conducting some testing of explosives there today. Be safe!
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    Terror suspect grew up in Buena

    The Fort Dix Six. This guy having access onto any of those facilities alone is a major threat. He now knows the day to day operations of the facility and what type of security measures he or they would be up against. I am sure he shared his information with whatever cell he belonged to...
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    More mountain lion sightings

    LOL! I was about to post the same exact thing. Here is an article I found with numerous comments of cougar and lion sightings in NJ.
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    Google Street View Incident

    They were supposedly friends with the google driver. Here is a good clip for ya's
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    Snow ??

    They are using the "B" word now. I am getting excited.
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    While on the subject, I had a subscription from Blockbuster which was a gift. I also had no time to watch movies, some I finally watched, and some were returned unwatched. Whe the time came to end the subscription, I had nothing but problems ended up getting charged for buying (not renting) a...
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    Apple Pie Hill Tower Smashed Again

    Let's hope when they do take it down, it comes down on top of them so we know who did it. Sorry. I let my anger get the best of me.
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    New Jersey: full of unhappy people?

    I love New Jersey for the mere fact that if I need to take a break, I can drive a couple of miles down the road and get away from civilization (somewhat).
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    Bobcat killed

    I posted in another thread that I spotted one on Carranza Road a few years back. It ran right across the road in front of me. Not as big as this one though.
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    Apple Pie Hill Tower Smashed Again

    Here is a link that may be causing some of the problems at Apple Pie. Urban Dictionary has a definition about Apple Pie Hill that (to me) suggests that people trash the place and party. How do you view this persons definiton? *WARNING* Comments on the site are racialy oriented. I appologize...