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  1. aleahey

    Lower Bank 2 Year Old Needs Help

    Hey everyone, hope this is allowed. Long time lurker, occasional poster. I don't know this family personally, but was around when the events transpired and it really seems like they could use some help. If you can find it in your heart to throw some money their way this holiday season, I think...
  2. aleahey

    ArcGIS (or equivalent) maps of Native American sites/PB interest points

    Hey all. I was reading the latest issue of Sojourn and there is an article comparing map locations in a 1600s-drawn map and an ArcGIS map of known Native American sites and speak specifically about the Pennsauken Creek watershed area. Has anyone ever come across that data in some public-facing...
  3. aleahey

    Missing Child - Beachwood 1940

    Hey everyone, I have thoroughly enjoyed the many pages of posts in this forum, especially those of occurences past in the Pines. In poking around the NY Times archive, I came across the attached article. There didn’t appear to be any followup. Have any sleuths come across the story of little...
  4. aleahey

    4x4 Accessible/Legal/Appropriate Excursions

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if I might get some guidance from the hive mind here. My wife and I recently purchased a new Jeep and have enjoyed putzing about in Byrne. We are avid hikers, and are pretty familiar with hiking and mountain biking trails, but really don't know much about what is...
  5. aleahey

    Outdoor Coal/Wood Stove

    I have an old Armstrong pot belly coal/wood stove, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience setting one up outside on a patio or porch. My concern is how well the iron will hold up, and I am curious if anyone knows of any paint or enamel that might make it hold up a bit better/longer...
  6. aleahey

    Atsion Area Murders

    Doing research as most of you guys know, came across a couple of articles that you might all find interesting. One talks about the A J Rider "Cranberry King" murder, near Astion; another about some poor mentally challenged girl attacked and kill around the turn of the century...
  7. aleahey

    Behind Atsion Anyone know what these clearings are? Went hiking out there yesterday along the rail line, first time. What a great area!
  8. aleahey

    Deer Vertebrae?

    Found out near Friendship ruins. Thanks guys!
  9. aleahey

    South Jersey Industrial History

    Hey all- Long time lurker here. I am a graduate student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, working on a degree in Science, Technology and Society. It is, in essence, a degree in the history of science and technology. I have been tossing around a few ideas in my head about how I can...
  10. aleahey

    Bird I.D.?

    Can anyone identify this visitor to my feeder? I initially thought it was a female ruby-throated hummingbird (I have one frequenting a feeder), but upon closer inspection of the picture I am thinking some kind of wren?