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  1. ecampbell

    Wildfire at High Crossing

    A Facebook post said 62 acres. We smelled smoke yesterday morning while driving down Carranza Road, and soon were passed by a FFS Power Wagon. It was bounded by Tuckerton Rd and the roads on both sides of the tracks heading toward the Batona Trail. At least we have a new plow line to hike.
  2. ecampbell

    Wharton Crash

    Here's a strange one. Burlington county.
  3. ecampbell

    Penny Pot article

    I found this article, with pictures and an old audio interview on Facebook this morning. I am posting the links to avoid legal problems. Click on all comments and also replies when available. Click on the stagecoach picture, you will see it has it's own comments. Once again click all comments...
  4. ecampbell

    Medford Woman Accused Of Illegal Dumping At Pemberton Lake
  5. ecampbell

    Strange clouds

    Yesterday from Tabernacle
  6. ecampbell

    Beesley’s Point Generating Station Sold
  7. ecampbell

    New Owners Of Historic Buzby’s General Store Plan To Reopen Chatsworth Landmark Shortly

    With The Addition Of An ‘Eatery’ To Its Name
  8. ecampbell

    Chatsworth Lake Dam Broke

    I read it on Facebook but can't confirm.
  9. ecampbell

    Metal Detector recommendation

    I am looking for an entry level metal detector. My immediate interest is in tracing an underground electrical wire in my yard, copper. It is probably down 4 to 6 inches. There are so many detectors out there and I don't want to end up with a piece of junk. I think I may also have fun with it in...
  10. ecampbell

    Atco Dragway

    Area Car Racing Enthusiasts Gearing Up To Publicly Protest Plan To Replace Iconic Atco Dragway With Auto Auction Lot...
  11. ecampbell

    My new ride

    2021 Rubicon, custom built, V6, 6 speed manual, 33 " tires, 4.10 rear. I took the rear seat out for the dogs. I still have my 2002 TJ. See you on the trails.
  12. ecampbell

    UFO Detector

    I found this on Sawdust Pile Road.
  13. ecampbell

    Plant ID please

    There are a few of these at HF.
  14. ecampbell

    The barriers have been removed

    along the side roads of of Carranza including the parking lot.
  15. ecampbell

    Pooping prohibited in Wharton State Forest

    Just today at Carranza parking lot and Batona Camp. We can all sleep well tonight!
  16. ecampbell

    More Roads Closed

    A road has been posted here, off of Hampton Road (Glossy Spung) going up to the breached causeway at the skit. At the end of this road is a parking area which people use to fish, picnic and paddle. I use it and so do many others. It is a nice short paddle from Carranza road. Nothing up that road...
  17. ecampbell

    Off-road vehicles destroy 400 trees
  18. ecampbell

    New Garmin GPSMAP 66i
  19. ecampbell

    Work on Batona Camp Road and Hampton Road

    The holes on the road from the Carranza Monument into Batona camp are being filled in with the dirt that was stored in the Memorial parking lot for the last couple of years. There are dump trucks shuttling dirt down Glossy Spung Road between Carranza Road and Hampton Furnace. I hope Tuckerton...
  20. ecampbell

    Action Camera

    I am considering replacing my Olympus TG4. The GoPro Hero 7 Black seems good. The 4K 60P is attractive. Can this camera double as a dash cam? My needs are a small camera, pocket and always with me. I have had trouble with movable zoom lenses before, between dirt in my pockets and dust on the...