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    Happy Holidays

    Just wanted to say a happy holiday and new year to all. I know i haven't posted in a while, but I haven't had a Jeep to travel around and explore in. I just purchased another, so hopefully I will run into a few of you. Best to all and wishing you some light this season... Tom
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    Chatsworth Named Top Town Chatsworth, the unofficial capital of the Pine Barrens, has been named one of the best small towns in the nation by Adventure, a magazine published by the National Geographic Society. The best route to...
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    Investigators say forest fire was 'highly suspicious' Investigators say forest fire was 'highly suspicious' By DAVID LEVINSKY Burlington County Times SHAMONG — Fire investigators have classified a major forest fire in Wharton State Forest earlier this month as a suspicious...
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    Old news but... SHAMONG — The long-awaited restoration of Atsion Mansion could begin this fall. Dana Loschiavo, spokeswoman for the New Jersey Department of Environmental protection, said yesterday the restoration project was put out to bid...
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    Warren Grove Safety Probe
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    Found it.

    I know it's not a big deal and many of you know it, but would you believe I *finally* found the spot of where the Washington tavern was? It was satisfying to say at least now I know where it is. It only took 4 years to find it. As for the rest of that spontaneous Saturday morning, I ventured...
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    End of an era.

    Steve, you may know this already.
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    Corzine won't veto Pinelands project

    From the Courier Post: Corzine won't veto Pinelands project Wednesday, August 9, 2006 TRENTON -- Gov. Jon S. Corzine won't veto a large development project in the Pinelands that environmentalists have called the biggest threat facing the South Jersey ecological area in years. The...
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    Bridge to be replaced Burlco bridge to be replaced Friday, July 28, 2006 A portion of Carranza Road in Washington Township, Burlington County, will be closed for six weeks for a bridge replacement project, beginning Monday...
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    Corzine urged to veto Pinelands development

    From the courier: Corzine urged to veto Pinelands development Wednesday, July 26, 2006 By ANGELA DELLI SANTI Associated Press Environmentalists on Tuesday urged the governor to veto a large development project in the Pinelands, calling the proposal the biggest threat facing the...
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    Question to think about.

    If you could spend one day, just 24 hours in any time period. What day and year, and what town in the pines or surrounding area would you go to and why? Also include what it is you'd like to do and why. And in conclusion, please list who you'd like to chat with from the past as well who are...
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    Whew, another farm saved.
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    Sure you all saw this...
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    Shamong Considers Joining Feral Cat Program
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    Grey Seal in Camden/Pennsauken Area
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    Wharton Fire in Medford
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    I hope none of us live in this area.
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    Another end of an era. (not pines related, but an important article)
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    Unexpected Road Not necessarily the Pines, but I thought I'd share. tg
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    Whoa. Some more.