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  1. Oriental

    Chatsworth Lake

    The water level at Chatsworth Lake is down several feet. A large percentage of the lake bottom in now high and dry. It appears that much of the sand where the spill way runs has been washed away. I wonder if it will be an easy fix or something that may take some time to repair. Not only is...
  2. Oriental

    Metes and Bounds

    I have read a LOT of deeds while researching various places in the Pines over the years. In describing the dimensions of the property, the deed will provide directions (in degrees from North or South) and distances (measured in chains and links) that are referred to as the "metes and bounds"...
  3. Oriental

    "The Triangle"

    I have been reading a number of old newspaper articles about deer hunting in the Pines. Several stories from the 1930s make mention of a popular hunting area called “The Triangle”. Many other more familiar places like Hog Wallow, Four Mile, Woodmansie, Goose Pond, and the Barnegat Plains are...
  4. Oriental


    Can anyone tell me where a stream that was once called Duckenhat (or Duckinhat) might be found? It was in Burlington County and may have been within a few miles of Four Mile Circle. Possibly in what is now Pemberton or Woodland Township. Thanks
  5. Oriental


    I am looking for any information on a place called Pomerania, NJ - Especially as it relates to cranberry culture. I see that there may have been an area in Trenton by that name but has anyone ever heard the name used with respect to a location in the Pines?
  6. Oriental

    Daniel Smith's Old Mill on the Wading

    I have been planning to explore some of the mill sites along the Wading River this summer and finally got a chance to start some adventures last Thursday. One particular place that I hoped to explore was a sawmill site just upstream of Evans Bridge. Daniel Smith purchased a 60 acre tract there...
  7. Oriental

    Stuyvesant Estate

    Many here know of Rutherfurd Stuyvesant's association with the Lacey Tract and Forked River Mountains. Some are aware that he had inherited his family's country estate called Tranquility in Allamuchy, NJ. Apparently several of the abandoned buildings there have recently fallen victim to arson...
  8. Oriental

    Beaver Run

    I visited Calico again this spring and took this looking up through the cedars along Beaver Run. Just came across it and liked it so I thought I'd post.
  9. Oriental

    What about the Manahawkin Road?

    We have heard all about the Tuckerton Road. How about the Manahawkin Road? A few years ago I started a thread about all the roads that no longer reach their namesake. For example, Oak Shade Road in Tabernacle no longer makes it to the old village of Oak Shade which once existed along route...
  10. Oriental

    Early Communication Towers

    I was reading the "SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP" chapter in Woodward"s HISTORY OF BURLINGTON COUNTY when I came across the following: "Within the township and near its southerly boundary is a range of hills having an elevation of about two hundred feet above the level of the sea, which, in...
  11. Oriental

    Roads to Nowhere

    Have you ever noticed how some roads are named for places that they once went to but no longer reach? For example, In Shamong and Tabernacle there is a road called Oakshade Road. It passes the old villages of Dellet (at Atsion Road), continues to Small's (Indian Mills Road) then on to Flyat...
  12. Oriental

    Brotherton (Indian Mills)

    Has anyone else picked up Flemming's book "Brotherton". I read it straight through and found much of the information/photos to be quite interesting.
  13. Oriental

    Hampton Station and Rider's Switch

    Is it true that in "The Trail of the Blue Comet" they say that Hampton Station was in operation from the 1860's until about 1875, then reopened at the same location a few decades later as "Rider's Switch" or "Rider's Siding"? If someone who has that book could check and please let me know. The...
  14. Oriental

    Building a Furnace

    Goofy Question: How hard do you think it would be the build a small scale bog iron furnace? Do you think that a 3' round 5' high fire brick furnace could get hot enough to get the mixture molten? How much smoke do you think it would make? Just curious if it could be done.
  15. Oriental

    Sim Place Sold?

    Someone told me that Bill Haines (from Hog Wallow) bought Sim Place. Does anyone know if this is true? I've heard so much about the place but have never been out there. Its private property and has been well gated for years. Has anyone ever been out there before and could describe what's left?