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  1. The Wick


    Got nothing here in Forked River, Clouded up around 6:30 with a little sprinkle and a little windy. Right now it is dead calm here.
  2. The Wick

    A trip down Jones Road

    Playing LEAP FROG?
  3. The Wick

    Cape May Ghost tracks

    These have been on my radar to see for awhile. I always visit Sunset Beach, the USS Atlantis and look for the tracks, Never saw them yet!
  4. The Wick

    Double Trouble getting trimmed.

    What did they do at the intersection of 532 and Brookville Rd. across from the dump? I guess that was thinning for fire protection, not animal habitat.
  5. The Wick

    Harsh !

    I am confused, the description for Greenwood WMA starts with a place referred to as "Parkers Pit" being between 539 and Jones Road. This is called 539 pit and was closed last year too. Parkers 1st pit on Lacey Rd. was also closed last year. The gate is still closed although people still drive...
  6. The Wick

    A trip down Jones Road

    I am not sure how it got its name. I assume because it is a popular place to ride bikes, wheel and hang out. Teegate or Bob may be able to shed some light on this. I guess since it was on Old Rd. it was a gravel pit owned by Brick Wall Corp, Parker Associates or Hess...
  7. The Wick

    Proposed Redevelopment Plan Would Clear The Way For New, State-Of-The-Art Red Lion Diner; May Bring About Shopping Center

    I thought I read that Southampton was pretty desperate for ratables since the cost to run the town was going up with really no new tax incomes. This might get approved just for that reason.
  8. The Wick


    Went down by the water today in Forked River and Waretown. Wind blowing out of the northeast pretty good. No flooding yet as of 7:00 pm
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    A trip down Jones Road

    Took the family out for a nice jaunt in the pines. Dover road has been graded and you can drive from Lacey Rd. to 539 without going through a giant mud hole or puddle. The grass at Eureka or Blacks Bridge is super tall. When you drive thru it is almost like you are driving in a gorge or ravine...
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    A really big tree

    Sorry for the small pics, not sure how to post them full size
  11. The Wick

    A really big tree

    Here is the location on the map
  12. The Wick

    A really big tree

    I was killing some time in south jersey last week and drove over to check out the Hancock House and Alloways Creek bridge in Salem County. When I was leaving I saw a sign for a short trail to a viewing platform close to the Delaware. When I walked out, you could tell the area was clearly used as...
  13. The Wick

    Still Trying To Solve Issues With My Car One Year Later

    I am not an automotive expert. But the engine does seem to move a lot from the torque. Didn't Honda have an issue with the motor mounts?
  14. The Wick

    Tree Down

    Its just a simple matter of C-Y-A. NJ wont allow you to walk down that trail because if you fall or get hurt you can sue the state and you will win. I cant imagine its like that in Sweden or maybe any where else besides California.
  15. The Wick

    Missing persons search underway for couple who took ATVs into the Pine Barrens in Stafford

    TBJ still has his office in the Waretown plaza. When I go get a slice of pizza next door he is usually just sitting at his desk. His Tracker School van is parked outside too. I have never seen anyone in there ever. Does he still have the camp set-up?
  16. The Wick

    Fall/Winter Stone Searching 2021/2022

    That set-up has been there at least since the fall.
  17. The Wick

    Fall/Winter Stone Searching 2021/2022

    Guy, You mentioned Union Clay Works, There was a setup like that right between the cellar holes. It was fairly close to the road too.
  18. The Wick

    Things you find while driving around....

    Yes, they are Illegal to ride in state forests but people still continue to ride them regardless. If the unit is registered and insured and they ride illegally on state lands they can only be given a ticket for that. If they ride a motor vehicle that is not registered or insured as per state...