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    Front coming thru today

    I am sure you are as happy with your purchase as I am with mine
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    Front coming thru today

    They are all in the predator line. A friend has the 4000 watt. Ran his entire house. He has gas heat and gas HWH. Paid itself off after 1 sandy 4 day outage
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    Front coming thru today

    BTW. The 900 wat generator burns 1 gallon every 5 hours w/50% load. The big one burns 1 gallon every 2 hours at 50%.
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    Front coming thru today

    I have been pushing my neighbors to all get generators..Check out harbor freight..I bought a real small one 5 years ago, 900 watts that will run my fridge and 2 freezers/. $99.00 w/coupon right now. The one used for sandy is the big 8750 watt. Works entire house plus electric hot water heater...
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    Dealing with Comcast

    Of course I still have to many home shopper networks and Spanish speaking networks. God forbid the illegals cant watch Pancho Villa
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    Dealing with Comcast

    I have the basic/basic package. Under $15.00 a month.Of course I don't get sports channels or the history channel. Talk to a neighbor and pirate off them for $10.00 a month. I have no complaints with comcast
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    Heart of the Pines

    first edition of" more forgotten towns" henry c beck on ebay Under 30.00. very good condition
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    Kira. I live off of jones rd and there is no way from there to get to the FRM. A good place to...

    Kira. I live off of jones rd and there is no way from there to get to the FRM. A good place to walk the dogs is in the game farm. A pretty wide dirt road will keep the ticks off. But keep the critters on a leash..Tick heaven out there. Another good spot is the old finnegers farm , just east of...
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    Turtle Sex?

    Did they lay back and smoke a cigarrette when they were done?
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    NJ crime

    Doesnt it seem odd that the real small towns have minimal crime? Pinelands justice
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    My new hiking partner.

    Fantastic..Beautiful child..In 3 years you will be huffing and puffing to keep up..
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    cougar sighting in monmouth county

    I hope the cut/paste works. If not read it at
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    More mountain lion sightings

    cougar sightings I find this thread interesting. When I first moved into Forked River in 1983 their were 3 or 4 large cat sightings in the paper. One was at a school bus stop where parents and children saw it. This was on Lacey road west of the parkway. I have seen tracks at Double trouble...