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  1. Furball1

    Kayaking the Wading River today

    Agreed Piker, it's beautiful up there...was hoping to canoe up there with TomM but the weather did NOT cooperate when I was up there in April...hopefully next time...did a Kayak trip up there in '96. The pickerel fishing should be awesome too!
  2. Furball1

    Late winter fishing

    Never-fail Pickerel! When I came up to SJ last Jan. I had a lot of luck with a jointed rebel, purple and silver. And SLOW retrieve was the operative word! Caught 6 on Chatsworth Lake, Sun. 1/24. It was overcast and in the 40's and still ice on the lake. Maybe some of you drove by and saw a...
  3. Furball1

    Poor Coyote Dental Health and Geese

    Yes Hi Sue---yeah, there's no tartar and the gingiva does look healthy. I'm in the dental industry (humans) and this is definitely not "trash mouth", just a little endentulous--which I guess can eventually lead to a wild animals demise. Here in Florida it is "open season" for Coyotes. A friend...
  4. Furball1

    Christie: "Say no to us"

    Amen! Been away for a while, nice to be back, I think.:rofl:
  5. Furball1

    Bigfoot sighting (it's true_)

    TomM is FULL of 70's euphemisms...LOL !!!! Don't get him going (another euphemism--LOL ).
  6. Furball1

    Pine Barrens birding

    Thanks! I'll be sure to tell TomM about this one! The link is very nice too. Thanks.
  7. Furball1

    1,500 acres of Pinelands woods, swamp preserved

    1500 Acres Preserved in Forked Mtns.
  8. Furball1

    Apple Pie Hill Tower Smashed Again

    Aph Wonderful memories of APH in the early to mid 70's. I don't recall any kind of vandalism back then. We climbed to the top once and a ranger was in the cab and opened the trap door to say hello! Freaked us out 'cause there was no vehicle! Good idea: have a ranger posted in the cab on...
  9. Furball1

    Parker Preserve Eagle.....

    I am glad Steve Resotko did not read the act prior to capturing and ostensibly saving the eagle dubbed "Jersey Girl" !!! Even if he had, and he was warned, he would still do the same thing. Obviously the law is directed to penalize real felons. The Eagle Act (16 U.S.C. 668-668c), enacted in...
  10. Furball1

    Mischief Night Ghost hunt

    ...or...a Screech Woman................
  11. Furball1

    Splendid Barrens

    I'm a olfactorist, so as I looked at your glorious photos I suddenly had the urge to run outside and grab a handful of red cedar, crush the "leaves" in my hands, cup them together and breathe in as I scrolled some more (that's not easy) to help stimulate my olfactory senses which felt a huge...
  12. Furball1

    Whipperbill In The News

    Make one for me so I can scare the **** out of the morons who drive I-4 in Orlando !!! You should call it "The Cousin It Cammie". LOL !!!
  13. Furball1

    Direction that the Site is Going In

    Thanks. I went to the "Oswego Lake" site and there are photos of snow covered ground, so I guess they need to be updated!
  14. Furball1

    Direction that the Site is Going In

    It would be cool if there was a "live stream" monitor of Batsto Lake. When I visit Germany for business I watch TV in the morning to see the "live streams" of geographic sites all across Germany, from nature in the mountains and the cities, too. German polka music plays the whole time. Something...
  15. Furball1

    Florida Manatee in NJ !!!

    What a knucklehead ! He leaves beautiful Florida for a refinery outflow in Linden !!! What the $%#@!%&$#%@ could be wrong with him??? LOL !!!
  16. Furball1

    Public service announcement for heterosexual males

    Again, human behavior has got me completely stymied. Like the freaks who want to destroy Apple Pie Hill Hill firetower, where's the wisdom here? Is "respect" completely extinct today? Is testosterone the new H-BOMB? I think it is. The new motto of modern man "Let's ride this thing out and have a...
  17. Furball1

    Jack of All Trades Roundtable

    Burning with envy right now ! I have a good topic to suggest: "An Account of Hessian Troops in the NJ Battles of the American Revolutionary War" with geneological research developing on the possibility that some stayed to enjoy this wonderful new country ! Just an idea.
  18. Furball1

    Camp food recipes

    Richard Proenneke Ummmm,ummmmm,ummmmmm. Man, pork frying in the woods, whether it's sausage or bacon, carries for miles and makes you smile, no matter how grumpy you are in the morning! Ever watch the man in the wilderness series? The guy who thought he'd live in his rustic cabin and live off...
  19. Furball1

    Apple Pie Hill Tower Smashed Again

    Where's the angst? Why hate a firetower? Is it symbolic? Does its presence offend them? Does it encroach on their freedom? Does it represent "the man" ? Or "big government"? Or "pop who beat ma and left me when I was 2?" I just do not get it. Does anyone get it? The scenario: " Hey Quagmire...
  20. Furball1

    Jersey Devil Encounters?