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  1. Sue Gremlin

    Such a pretty day.

    On Friday, I witnessed a random shooting. It was as if I had a front row seat to it. I took a rare day off from work and went to the beach in South Haven, MI. I hadn't been to any beach since before the pandemic. The kid (and he was just a kid, only 19) sat with his back against the base of the...
  2. Sue Gremlin

    The tiny world of morel mushrooms

    I did a squash prep of a very tiny shred of one of the morels we picked this afternoon and these photos were the result. Nature is truly art, isn't it? 10x magnification 40x magnification 100x magnification under oil immersion. Every spore wears a little crown.
  3. Sue Gremlin

    Explosive game cameras on trails in KY Holy crapweasel. What sort of a person would go to this length!?
  4. Sue Gremlin

    Kite photography, Whitesbog, 10/4/09

    It was a beautiful Sunday today. My husband Joe and I drove down despite the light winds. We almost didn't bother, but I am glad we did. We got some nice shots. We still have to fiddle with the camera settings, (it's new to us), so some of them aren't the right exposure, but some turned out...
  5. Sue Gremlin

    15" aluminum canoe

    Osagian canoe. Comes with two PFD's and two well-loved paddles. (that's salesman speak for fair condition). Canoe is light and in great shape. Good choice for kids, it has a little bit of a keel so it is very stable, yet tracks really well. $395.
  6. Sue Gremlin

    Plant ID

    We were out paddling around on Oswego Lake on Saturday. It felt SOOO good to get the boats back in. We spotted many pitcher plants, and this that we couldn't identify. I apologize for the quality, I think we're having an issue with our camera. These plants have a plain yellow spike on a white...
  7. Sue Gremlin

    Atsion schoolhouse and some cats!

    We apparently went where we weren't supposed to go. We looked around the old school at Atsion, then spotted a burnt-out old house nearby and investigated. It has a 1930s electric stove in the middle, cool! Then into the area where a ca. 1963 Ford Rambler station wagon sits and rots. That was...
  8. Sue Gremlin

    Pine Barrens Ecology?

    Happy New Year, Piney Folks! :dance: Has anyone here taken or heard of a biology/ecology course offered at a community or regular college (or anywhere else, for that matter) that focuses on the Pine Barrens? I would love to take such a course, but can't seem to find one. Often, schools don't...
  9. Sue Gremlin

    Ruins ID?

    I hope this isn't a breach of forum etiquette since my search skills aren't so hot. We happened upon a really big foundation yesterday in the pines, and haven't been able to find any information about it. It's a large building (like the size of the big foundation at Friendship), and a small pit...