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  1. Furball1

    Florida Manatee in NJ !!!

    What a knucklehead ! He leaves beautiful Florida for a refinery outflow in Linden !!! What the $%#@!%&$#%@ could be wrong with him??? LOL !!!
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    Not sure if I spelled that bloodsuckers name right, but if ever a bug came from hell, this is the one. Good name for them--you can't see-um until their giant jaws lock on, then you feel 'em. and usually in the hundreds. Went fishing two weeks ago in the Indian River here in FL, and as soon as I...
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    Camp food recipes

    Hey Y'al: Well, September is almost upon us. You'se guys up there hardly had a summer, whilst weez down here (FL) have just reached the half-way mark of 90+ degree weather, with about 60 days of more of the same. I ain't complain'in mind you, 'cause on Jan. 1st I'll be surf-fishin in shorts and...
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    Willow Grove Lake

    I have been searching and cannot find up-to-date information on the status of Willow Grove Lake. Last I heard the Nature Conservancy was adamant in not allowing the spillway to be replaced and were advocating the lake's demise promoting a freshwater riparian marshland as it once was prior to...
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    Caution--for men only

    Enjoy! David
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    Wading River

    Has anyone tried the run from Carranza Rd. to Pleasant Mills Rd. in a canoe or Kayak? If so, would you share your experience? This run looks very remote and beautiful on the map. Also, has anyone tried their hand at fishing this stretch?
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    Polish Peregrines in Warsaw

    You have got to see this awesome webcam of a Peregine on her clutch in Warsaw, Poland. The nest is situated on the ledge of a highrise building. I can't wait to see the chicks!
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    New Jersey Conservation Foundation Wish List

    NJCF needs unneeded items in good condition: -Laptop Computers less than 2 yrs. old -Digital projector -wireless router -Flat Screen computer monitor -tractor in good condition -pick-up truck -commercial grade metal detector -flatbed trailer To make in-kind donations, please call...
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    "Bluebird Trail Takes Wing in Pine Barrens"

    From "New Jersey Conservation", Winter 2008-09, p.3 Thanks to the efforts of volunteer Nels Anderson, the "bluebird trail" begun in 2007 at the Franklin Parker Preserve in the Pine Barrens really took off this past nesting season. The happy result is a more robust local population of...
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    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker and $50 Grand

    Hey all you nature-nuts (whoops, that's me, too!) Underemployed? Unemployed? Need $50,000????? Go to this link to see how you can make some dough just by sighting the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker in La. !!!! Keep us up to date on your progress. I'll split the money with you if you need the...
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    Lenape Canoe Company

    I posted this elsewhere in the forum, but thought it might be a good New Thread posting. Does anyone remember the Lenape Canoe Company in Medford? I bought a 15ft. Lenape Chief in 1971 for $150, heavy fiberglass with a riveted in place aluminum keel and wood seats. It weighed 85 lbs. but it...
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    Ancient Cedar Logs

    Another topic that has fascinated me since I was a kid. I would absolutely love to witness this "mining" process and see the ancient trees.
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    Ancient Coprolites

    New Evidence of Earliest North Americans 2008-04-03 18:03:55 By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID AP Science Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — New evidence shows humans lived in North America more than 14,000 years ago, 1,000 years earlier than had previously been known. Discovered in a cave in Oregon, fossil...
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    Native American Shell Middens

    This is a topic which fascinates me and I hope it stimulates some intense discussion here. I recall seeing middens, or shell mounds, on many canoe trips in the pinebarrens. My research of the topic has been cursory. But, I recall reading the Native peoples would congregate at certain times of...
  15. Furball1

    Batsto Fish Ladder

    I wanted to see if anyone has observed the fishladders effectiveness at Batsto Lake. Has it been a success in allowing the herring to go upstream to spawn?
  16. Furball1

    Nature Conservancy News: Sourland Mountains

    From: "Nature Conservancy", Winter 2006, Vol. 56, No.4, pp.57-58: " Not far from Princeton, the Sourland Mountains span thousands of forested acres that harbor 65 species of neotropical migratory birds. They also contain the headwaters of 11 streams that provide drinking water to central New...
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    Nature Conservancy Announcement

    This announcement can be found in their latest magazine, Vol. 56, No. 2; page 58, and I quote: " Lummis Ponds Preserve in southern New Jersey encompasses more than 1,000 acres of coastal hardwood bottomlands known as the Cumberland Forest. Swamp pink, an endangered plant, thrives in the wetlands...
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    Gopher Tortoise

    My wife and I hiked a trail yesterday through Dunn's Creek State Park south of Palatke, FL and were fascinated with 3 Gopher Tortoises we encountered on the trail, 2 were in individual large holes/excavations---they were very large. Whenever we encounter these fascinating critters, I am amazed...
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    Fish Ladder in the Pines

    Last fall I visited with my friend Tom, and we went to Batsto Village. Tom showed me a fish ladder that was installed at the dam ( he actually helped pour the concrete!) whose purpose is to restore the ancient pathway for spawning bronze-back herrings, and possibly other fish species as well. I...
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    Bear Swamp Hill Photos

    Does anyone know where I can obtain photos from the firetower (pre-1971 jet crash) at Bear swamp Hill? I was thinking that if I could get in touch with John McPhee, but don't have a clue how to get in touch with him. In the first chapter of his book, "The Pines", he mentions the view---my first...