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    Webb's water levels?

    Has anyone been out the Webb's Mill Bog to check on the water levels? The last report I read had the level still over the boardwalk. I'm sure the extended dry spell has brought it down, but are the bad beaver blockages still in the outflow culverts?
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    Richland rescue

    I'd love to know the story behind this misadventure!
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    An expensive tow! (Not NJ)
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    River reports?

    I was wondering if anyone had been on some recent runs down the Oswego, Wading, Batsto, or Mullica Rivers and what the conditions were regarding blow downs and other obstructions that would require carry arounds. With all the snow, I'm sure some trees must have come down over the winter. Thanks...
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    New live music venue in Tuckerton

    The Lizzie Rose Music Room on Rt 9 in Tuckerton has an eclectic mix of performers ranging from Jazz, Blues, Country, and Singer / Songwriter. Check out their Facebook page or the web site of Village Bicycles for ticket info and a schedule of upcoming concerts. Support local live music!
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    R.I.P. Jim Murphy
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    GPS Newbie

    Used a GPS extensively for the first time while on vacation. The wife really liked it and wants to get one. Any opinions out there re: Garmin vs. TomTom vs. ???? In reviews, I read a lot about annoying ads that come up on Garmin devices as a "user fee" for free traffic updates. I know I would...