A first, tsunami weather alert

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    Special Weather Statement
    Delaware Beaches-Eastern Monmouth-Atlantic Coastal Cape May-
    Coastal Atlantic-Coastal Ocean-
    Including the cities of Rehoboth Beach, Sandy Hook, Ocean City,
    Atlantic City, and Long Beach Island
    854 PM EDT Tue May 15 2018

    ...Abnormal ocean water surges are expected along the oceanfront,
    inlets, and back bays through the overnight hours...

    Air pressure sensor and tidal gage readings in and near the
    coastal waters indicate that a weather-generated tsunami has been
    triggered by the line of thunderstorms as it moved over the ocean.

    Impacts are expected along the oceanfront, inlets, and back bays
    from Perth Amboy New Jersey to Fenwick Island Delaware.

    Water level fluctuations of several inches to one foot above
    normal astronomical tide in localized areas can be expected along
    the oceanfront, inlets, and back bays for the next several hours
    as a series of surges make their way to the coast.

    The duration of this event is uncertain, though similar events
    have lasted from several hours to one day. It is not recommended
    to return to the water until at least Wednesday morning.

    The strong currents associated with these surges could pose a
    danger to those in or near the water.

    Recommended actions are listed below...

    Boat Owners...
    Prepare now for the following hazards...
    * Strong, unpredictable currents
    * Surging up to one foot above normal sea level

    Swimmers...Surfers...and Boaters
    It is recommended you leave the beach now to avoid the following
    * Strong currents
    * Potentially dangerous surges of water.

    This kind of tsunami is generated by abrupt changes of atmospheric
    pressure in the causative storm system, which is a line of
    thunderstorms that moved over the ocean in this case. The
    combination of the air pressure effect on the ocean surface and
    the speed at which the pressure disturbance travels can generate
    tsunami like waves in certain situations. The National Tsunami
    Warning Center is monitoring this event.

    Additonal statements will be issued if necessary through National
    Weather Service Office Forecast Office in Mount Holly, NJ.

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    A 1 ft tsunami! I am totally terrified! Is this going to be anything like Deep Impact?
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    Surf's up.

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    Good thing my Muck Boots are 1 1/2 ft high! I may even have a survival kit somewhere left over from Y2K :)