A Hand Missing



I found this online, it referenced an "article about a Weymouth resident in the 10 Mar 1905 issue of the New Egypt Press:"
Seems quite appropriate for Halloween stories...now ya just can't wait to visit Weymouth, huh? Kind of like the dead body at Warren Grove? :shock: Ugh...


What was done with the right hand of James McMullan, who was murdered near his cabin in the woods at Weymouth Siding, near May's Landing, N.J., is a question that is puzzling the detectives. They are keeping up a diligent search for the hand, although they have the self confessed murderer safely in prison. Charles Burns, who has signed a confession of his guilt, remains stolidly silent about the missing hand, although he talks freely about the other details of the murder.
Mrs. McMullan wrote yesterday to a son and daughter, who are at present in Scotland, telling them of their father's unfortunate death. She is a very religious woman, and is going to be beg the New Jersey authorities for permission to ask Mr. Burns one question. This is: Did he give her husband time to offer a few words of prayer before he slew him?