Alien killed?


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Jul 31, 2004
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I don't think it helps his credibility, and am glad to see that the author of that article pointed it out. Of course, it fits nicely with one of MUFON's "theories", that aliens follow certain people throughout their lives.

Personally, I think there have been some incidents with credible witnesses that deserve serious consideration. There was a TV series called "Hangar One" where MUFON "investigators" and management discussed incidents from their files. Now, maybe there's some value in that they are keeping records of reported incidents, but these guys all came across as crazy IMO. They spoke in a matter-of-fact way about the characteristics of various kinds of aliens, their vessels and activities as though this was all well-established fact. There was really no balance to their reporting and they never really considered the possibility that some of the people were just crazy. I don't think such one-sided reporting is helpful in the search for the truth.

But, who knows, maybe that guy speaks the truth? Will look forward to your report after you read his book.
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Mar 24, 2004
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Wouldn't it be interesting if we here on earth were actually just one big experiment being conducted by a superior life form; the 'zoo hypothesis'? I seem to recall a scifi show about that some time back. :eek: