Boyd's 2018 Garmin Topo available again (limited time only)


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Jul 31, 2004
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I like Boyd's map of NJ 2018 in basecamp. It has the roads portrayed realistically, not as straight lines. Even the smaller dead end roads which I explore. Also minimal topographic clutter.

I'm making this map available again since there still seems to be some interest and a related topic came up over at GPSFileDepot. It should be compatible with most (if not all) Garmin automotive and handheld GPS devices and includes very detailed installation/use instructions. This map will only be available for a very short time, so get it now if you want it, it will not be coming back again.

If the NJDEP goes through with their plan to close roads and require permits, I will discontinue all of my own maps that show unpaved roads on state land. The roads on my maps are largely based on aerial imagery and it's likely that motorized access will not be allowed on many of them. I just don't want any liability for that, so I'm out. I'll continue to offer USGS Topo's, aerial imagery and LIDAR terrain, but will remove all of my own maps that show roads.

Anyway, here's my 2018 NJ Topo. There are separate versions for Windows and the Macintosh plus a third version that only contains the map file for the GPS itself. Use the GPS version if you don't want to install the map on your computer. You could also use the GPS version in conjunction with the Windows or Mac versions, because it's easier to just drag the file to your GPS instead of using Garmin's terrible MapInstall software. :D

Mac Version for installation in Basecamp:

Windows Version for installation in Basecamp and Mapsource:

File Version for direct installation on the GPS only:
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