Clement Maps and Drafts


I was talking with Spung-Man yesterday and he told me how very useful Clement's Maps and Drafts were to him. I pointed out to him that this set of resources was now available on the web and he said that someone should post a link to them. So, they're on my site, so I figured it was on me to do that. Before I do though, I want to say a few things about this material and how it got to where it is now.

The manuscripts were created by John Clement of Haddonfield. He gathered, copied and put together seven volumes of surveys that his father and perhaps other surveyors had done and in some cases added information of his own to them. When he died, these volumes, along with a lot of other material, were donated to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, where it all sat, mostly undisturbed, until the 1970s. Then, a Camden County historian named Bill Miihm was allowed to make photocopies of the Maps and Drafts and other documents. Bill had plans to work with the whole Clement collection but unfortunately, a swiftly developing and early case of dementia stopped him and the work. Mihm's copies ended up in the custody of friends and of the Camden County Historical Society. They got some use after this by a few historians although the material at CCHS ended up in the basement. At some point, either in the late 90s or in the first years of this century, Ed Fox took on the monster job of scanning the Maps and Drafts and saving them as pdfs. Ed burned the resulting files to cds and distributed them to a number of people including Spung'Man(who has been working off his copy of the cd) and myself. I was planning to put the pdfs out at my web site, and then we moved and the cd was misplaced. Back last year, I found the cd and posted the files to the web site.

This stuff isn't the easiest material to work with, but if you can get past Clement's handwriting, there are treasures to be found. So here, finally, is the link.

Enjoy or something :)
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