Cold Spring Preserve - Marlton, NJ

This week, I took the kiddies out to check out the Rancocas Conservacy's newly opened Cold Spring Nature Preserve, adjacent to Black Run Preserve in Marlton/Evesham, NJ.

The one side of the road, where the preserve sign is, is a nice little walk, but nothing to get too excited about. However, once the trail crossed Borton's Mill Road, things got real interesting, real quick. On that side is a network of trails, only a tiny bit of which are currently blazed, that run through a really nice patch of woods. If I thought this looked familiar, a check on Google Earth showed me why - this new preserve directly butts up again Black Run Preserve. Some one told me already that some of the unmarked trails connect the two.

This place turned out to be waaaaay bigger than I thought, so the 3 1/2 year old and I had to bail right after we found a beautiful bog area, which seems to have a loop trail circling it. We'll be back just as soon as I can manage to explore more!




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