Creating and Uploading to an Image Gallery


Site Administrator
Sep 17, 2002
Here are directions to add photo’s to your Photo Gallery that this site gives you. Depending on your browser there may be some slight differences.

At the top of any page right below the banner, click on "Photos". Towards the top right just above the “Search” field and "Go" button click on “Upload Photos”. When the page opens look right above the green bar and you should see your screen-name.

Below the green bar is the “Upload Photo” area, and you click on a “Choose File” or "Browse" button depending on your browser. Choose your photo when your directory come up. Once done, in the boxes below the “Browse” button you can name the photo and describe it. Or you can do that later. Now hit the “Upload/Submit” button. Another window will come up and you hit the “Process” button. Your photo is now uploaded and it will show in the window.

To add the photo to a post:

Below the photo you will see a section called "Additional Info" and a "Linked Thumbnail" link. Just to the right of that link is a little icon which you click on. More links will display, and you copy the link that is titled "Medium Image." Paste that into your post and the photo will display directly in the post. If you just want to have the link in the post copy the "Direct Link" text and past that into your post.