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Sep 17, 2002
I received this in an email. Someone may want to know.

Hunters should be aware of the following: * There is an error in Regulation Sets #7 and #8 in the print version of the Digest: the 2017 January reopening date of the Permit Shotgun Season is Saturday, January 7, not January 2. This has been corrected in online versions of the Digest.

* Permit Muzzleloader is open now; dates vary by zone.
* Permit Shotgun reopens in January in Reg Sets #5-8 zones; check dates for your zone(s).
* Permit Bow Season continues in Reg Sets #4-8 zones; check dates for your zone(s)
. * Some Permit ML and Permit SG zones remain open into 2017. A 2017 license will be required.
* Winter Bow Season opens January 1, 2017. A 2017 bow license will be required.
* 2017 licenses are on sale now at agents ( ) and online ( ).

For information on deer and deer hunting in New Jersey visit . The Division of Fish and Wildlife wishes all a safe and wonderful holiday season.