Eating Squirrel

Jul 12, 2006
Gloucester City, NJ
I don't recall if I've posted this here some years ago or not, so I'm going it a shot. Does anyone here or has anyone here caught and eaten squirrel from this area?

If so, was there anything soecspe in the preparation? Anything to be aware of? Thoughts on taste and texture?



Nov 24, 2010
Bass River Township
I've eaten them here and in Iowa." Limb chicken" they call 'em out there. I prepared them for cooking on the grill. I treated the process like it was spareribs with barbecue sauce. The meat is all dark and can be a bit stringy. But quite tasty. When preparing them for cooking I cut them all up, otherwise they resemble something you'd not want to eat.I use to trap them for neighbors who ate them regularly. Info on butchering :
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Feb 20, 2004
Pestletown, N.J.
The hardest thing about prep is the skinning. Unlike a rabbit whose comes off almost as easy as pulling off a sock, squirrel are more difficult. There are many good YouTube videos on skinning.

After gutting I quarter them and boil for about an hour in water with a little vinegar and salt. I take it out and after it cools I pull all of the meat off the bones. As h2o said, quartering improves table appeal and stripping the meat does so even more. I then flour the pieces in flour seasoned with kosher salt and coarse black pepper and brown them in cast iron with a little olive oil.

From there, I will add them to marinara sauce and serve over spaghetti or add the pieces to a pot and start a stew with the pan drippings from the sauté pan, some beef broth and fresh vegetables. Stews I slow cook for at least three hours.

Another really good recipe that I learned when I was a kid was from a gun ad in Field and Stream. Essentially you take the sautéed meat and sauté onions and peppers as well. Deglaze your pan with a little beef broth and slowly stir in some sour cream and a little flour to thicken. Serve that over egg noodles. Squirrel; it's what's for dinner !


Apr 1, 2005
I just skin & grill them. Sure, it still looks like a squirrel on your plate but so what? As h20 said. Its kinda stringy, like ribs, (I but a lil BBQ sauce on)