Fire Tower For Sale



Assembly not included, huh? But arrangements can be made to have it shipped as well as assembled.

I'm unfamiliar with bidding on things, both online and at actual auctions. I just clicked on and read the link, and at the end it said that the bidding was closed. Maybe it's still available.

I wonder where the fire tower came from. Perhaps one that was dismantled and replaced. Why was it dismantled. Maybe it was to build a higher tower because the trees grew too high and the fire watch couldn't see over the trees.

Seriously, the tower might be a good thing for a group of people who love the Pine Barrens to chip in for and use. I would afford a great overhead, panoramic view of the Pine Barrens.

Maybe some of you 4 X 4 types can bring a few cases of beer and your high powered rifles and scopes and we could shoot rattlesnakes from atop the tower. :) :wink: