Godzilla sighting in the Pine Barrens!


Jul 4, 2011
Godzilla overturned my VW back in the 1970's. I never reported it to the police because I thought they would think I was crazy.

OK seriously I just thought of one thing I never reported to the police. I was driving way back in the Plains and I was surprised to see a guy with his thumb out because I never saw anyone back there. He said his car was bogged down in the sand. I said I'd help him dig it out, but he didn't seem interested. I think I was kind of insistent, so we drove back to where his VW Fastback was bogged in, and it was really in deep. He just wanted to get to the main road, rt. 72 or I forgot where, so he wasn't helping me try to dig it out, so I just drove him where he wanted to go. I returned to the spot a couple of months later and it was still there. Only later did it dawn on me that the guy was ditching it back there on purpose. I remember that guy because he had a very distinctive tattoo. That was long ago, back in the '70's or 80's.

Around 1998 I got my rented car stuck in the sand really deep in a really remote place where I don't thing anyone had been in 100 years. That was another adventure!

But the scariest thing was that godzilla attack!


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Toothy Critter

Geez guy...your lucky your alive. I used to worry about ticks? pftt!!