Gypsy Moths Defoliate Miles Worth Of Trees In Woodland, Residents Advised It’s ‘Too Late’ To Perform Aerial Spraying


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Sep 17, 2002

In understanding how this movement pattern has impacted Woodland this year, one, for example, can travel east on Route 72 and see what is expected in the summertime, green foliage, that is, until you get to mile marker 3 on the state highway, near local business, Bear Electric’s facility, where it is like you go from summertime to wintertime instantly, or come upon a sudden wall of thousands of bare trees, including oaks and pines, that have been stripped of their green leaves or needles.

Hardest hit, from this reporter’s observation, is an area in the vicinity of Route 72, Sooy Place Road and mile marker 42 on County Route 563.

There are other pockets of infestation in the municipality, as well, but not nearly as bad, for example “just past the cemetery” in the Village of Chatsworth, according to resident Philip Foley, as well as on parts of County Route 532.



Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
I remember back in 82 they hit so hard down here you could walk under the trees and their crap sounded like rain.When they were done much of what is now Union Lake WMA looked like a dune forest without the dunes,just a bunch of stripped bare trees for miles. Thats back when you had to trespass to see it:) That was all Wawa woods back then