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May 27, 2010
Wall, NJ
This one is totally unconscionable .As Chris stated above , it has substantial amounts of threatened /endangered species .Seems Manchester can not get enough development :
_ Taxes will skyrocket , schools will be overcrowded .
- Proposed site is on a 2 lane road !! There are not enough roads as it is to accommodate traffic .
There has to be something that can be done ....Maybe they'll expand and buy Brendan Byrne while they are @ it ...This area was never supposed to be developed . How do you build homes on a Nuclear Regulatory clean up site ? I forgot we live in NJ.
Sorry for the rant ..


Mar 24, 2004
Coastal NJ
Each new home will come with its own tiny nuclear generator, no street lights, as the ground will emit a pleasant green glow. But no school crowding Joc; the homes are age 55+, no kids. As for roads, they will just continue the widenafication of RT 70, Jersey's 'Highway thru H*ll'. The Commission and DEP already gave the green light in 2003. :eek: Will another Wal-Mart be next? Let the lawsuits begin!
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Apr 2, 2005
Little Egg Harbor
The long-fought Walmart in my town (LEHT) is on the verge of being built as well. I've grown more pessimistic as time grows on. Those of us who give a crap about preserving what is left in it's natural or undeveloped state are far outnumbered by those who don't. We win battles here and there, and the private and public environmental entities continue the acquire land, but what is left is being increasingly fragmented and the plant and animal species are suffering for it. Another issue is the increasing battling between the various outdoors user groups, who once had enough space to each do their own thing, but are now crowded into less and less space each year.