INTERVIEW: Cliff Simon goes ‘Into the Unknown’ looking for the supernatural


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Sep 17, 2002

“Look, certain things happened to me in the Pine Barrens,” he admitted. “We set up bait traps. I’m allowed to tell you that. We set up bait traps. There were some very strange phenomena happening with that, which the viewers will get to see, but I’m not calling it a myth because I don’t think it’s a myth. It’s definitely a legend. The Jersey Devil is a legend, and it’s definitely very much alive and kicking down in the Pine Barrens. Everybody I’ve spoken to down there are terrified of it. We managed to get one day to a hotel, and we walked in. And the staff at the hotel said, ‘Are you guys a film crew?’ I kind of said, ‘Yes, we’re investigating the Jersey Devil.’ They kind of screamed and said, ‘Oh my God, we’re so scared of it.’ … So the legend is very much alive, and people are still very, very scared of the Jersey Devil for sure.”

Jon Holcombe

Dec 1, 2015
“We set up bait traps. I’m allowed to tell you that.”
He's allowed to tell us he baited the Jersey Devil! I wonder if there will be a scene where they hear something calling in the dark and they whisper "What was that?" 40 years ago we had Jacques Costeau swimming with whale sharks, now we have Cliff Simon looking for devils in the woods.
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