Is this the GPS we've all been waiting for?


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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek

Finally - a GPS that displays real USGS topo maps and satellite photos. Looks very cool although I wish the screen was higher resolution. Here's the review which DeLorme quotes on their site: . Of course they don't quote this part :)

However, there were a couple of small disappointments in the implementation. First, the interface was slow. Switching between map types was slow. Zooming and panning was slow. Overall it just seemed like the PN-20 could have used a faster processor to process the data. My second disappointment (but one that I was expecting) is that the aerial photography isn’t quite as good in many areas as other data sources. For example in my area the aerial photography used by Google Maps and Google Earth is much more detailed (and in color) than the data currently available from DeLorme. My third disappointment was that I did manage to lock up the device a few times while working with the map display. Sometimes I was panning the map, sometimes switching from one layer to another, and sometimes when just paging to the map display.

If they can get the bugs fixed it looks like a great product... will be interested to see more reviews. And I wonder if this points the way to things which Garmin, Magellan... or even Google have in mind?


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Sep 17, 2002
Very nice! I think if one wants to buy it they should wait for the second generation. Your links shows that it has some flaws for sure. Hopefully, it will bring some serious competition and we may one day have the proper maps in them for the pines. Imagine that :dance: