Lacey man, 73, missing for 2 days found alive in marshes


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
They say kids are really good survivors because they haven't yet become accustomed to comfort.They fail to realize that what their going through should kill them so they blissfully ignorantly survive whereas the rest of us grownups would basically let fear kill us because we have been taught we need civilization and comfort to survive.We have lost the ability to tell the difference between what we need and what we want. My Mom used to let me play in the rain and mud when i was a kid and I had no idea that would kill me,neither did she,she was a kid herself still really.But then Granny told me playing out in the rain would give me pnuemonia and that would kill me.Well pnuemonia actually can kill you but you generally get sick before you get pnuemonia and rain doesn't give you viruses.It was in the summer so i had no fear of hypothermia which would have been a real threat had the temp dropped into the 50's or lower.I never got pnuemonia from the rain.Granny also told me I would get piles if I kept setting on the cold ground.I had no idea what piles were but I know now.Allbe durned it she wasn't right,fifty years later I got me some.I"ll never set on the cold ground again!