Golden Triangle To Be Developed

A precious tract of forest adjacent to Lakehurst Naval Air Station will be developed despite efforts by PPA (including litigation) and representatives of the Navy to protect the land for habitat and as a buffer for this important Naval installation. Lakehurst Naval Air Station has evolved into a good steward of the extensive threatened and endangered species habitat found on the base. Unfortunately, neither Manchester Township nor the Pinelands Plan provided a buffer for the base, which is worried that a large residential subdivision on its doorstep will create conflict with new residents, will eventually impinge on base operations, and may put the base at a competitive disadvantage in the next round of military base closing being prepared by the Bush Administration in Washington.


Jul 18, 2003
Sparta, NJ
bruset said:
Got to love those people who move in next to an air base and then complain about the noise...
Nimbys are everywhere.

They move next to Raceway Park and now want the track closed. They complain about traffic but don't want train service. They want better cell phone reception but aren't willing to put up with cell towers.

They move here in Sussex County and complain about Bears and Deer.



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Jan 22, 2004
As hard as we on base have tried to stop this Golden Triangle, we can only sit back and watch the old people take over and run the most important naval base out of New will hurt the local economy also...but we did manage to buy more land on 539 between Horicon Rd and the BOMARC site to help prevent more development. I don't think we will get the land near Colliers Mill though. As easily accesable as the BOMARC site is, we/FT. Dix/McGuire are trying to buy up all the land around us, to secure the land atleast for another 20 years.