Lost sawmill in Glendora/ Chews Landing?

Jul 2, 2019
Glendora New Jersey
Hello everyone my name is Tim and im from Deptford and currently living in Glendora. I LOVE history , fishing and crabbing and own a shore house in Fortescue on the Delaware bay.
Im hoping someone may be able to help me out or wants to join me on my search.

Lost sawmill in Chews Landing / Glendora?

While reading “ Watermills of Camden County “ by William Farr, i came across his writings about “ Porter’s mill “ and learned that there not only might have been 1 but a few saw/gristmills on Otter branch. Its a tributary of the north branch of Timber creek behind Gabreil Daveis tavern. Even though a lot of records from the early 1700s are missing there’s evidence from tax records , road returns, and surveys that mention a saw or gristmill in that vicinity. Ive looked a few times this past winter and once this summer but haven’t had any luck locating remains of one yet. Does anyone familiar with the area remember seeing or hearing anything about one being back there ? Maybe someone is interested in joining me or adding any research or knowledge that can help. I asked Sharon Mickle who gives the tours at the tavern and she brought up my questions to members of the historical society at the latest meeting. She thinks one location may have been opposite of whats now Bee lane. Feel free to give me your input and advice!