Missing Person in Red Lion, Southampton Area

Oct 14, 2009
Little Egg Harbor
Many of us love to wander the woods. If you see anything suspicious in this area, please report it to the Police. Thanks
New Jersey State Police

December 8 ·

Detectives from the New Jersey State Police Red Lion Station continue to investigate the disappearance of Mr. David Cohen. Mr. Cohen was reported missing by family members on April 22 and was last seen alive on April 20 at the Red Lion Motel, located on US 206, Southampton Township, Burlington County. Mr. Cohen was traveling from out of state to visit a friend located in Lacey Township, Ocean County. Mr. Cohen checked into the Red Lion Motel for the evening and no contact with him has been made since then.

With the peak of hunting season now upon us, Red Lion Station Detectives are asking hunters in the surrounding areas of Burlington and Ocean counties to be vigilant and report anything unusual. Anyone with any information which may aid in the investigation is asked to contact Red Lion Station detectives at 609-859-2282.

David Cohen
Age: 43
Height 5'7"
Weight 160 lbs
Hazel Eyes
Bald Head
Iron cross on right side of abdomen
Wreath and rod tattoo on upper right chest

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