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Sep 17, 2002
In 2011 Jessica and I visited the weekend home in Bullock of a member of this site who had information concerning a property stone we both knew about. The home in Bullock was owned by her uncle. A few old time members may remember her as "Mudpie" and she posted about various subject's such as the Birdman of Bamber and her uncles house in Bullock being vandalized. Anyway, over the years I continued to have a few conversations with her and last year or early this year I noticed she had been quiet for some time. So I wrote or texted her, checking in to see if she was okay. Well, unbelievably she just happened to be in the hospital and had been for a long time, and she bluntly told me her problem and that she was not doing well. Fast forward to today when I thought about her again, and was wondering how she was doing.

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