New Jersey Devil Sightings?

Sep 11, 2006
My name is Marian Walsh, and I am working with internationally awarded photographer Matt Hoyle on his latest project: A photography book titled 'Encounters.' Matt has asked me to help him find people that have encountered (seen or heard) the legendary New Jersey Devil.

A bit of background:
Matt is an internationally awarded photographer who shoots for Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Time, among others. He recently photographed Archbishop Desmond Tutu for the cover of globally distributed book. For more on Matt's work, please see
As for the Encounters project, the book is already contracted for publication. It is a serious, artistic project, and all subjects will be completely respected - we are genuine in our intentions and Matt's personal work is always very thoughtful and well-considered. The project does not seek to debate the subject's experience, but to visually represent it. With all arrangements pre-made before the shoot, we would only need 1 to 2 hours at the most of their time to actually take the photograph on the day, and this would typically happen in towards evening to get the right atmosphere. I am seeking help to reach those who may be interested in this opportunity - time is of the essence, since Matt will be arriving in the US from Australia in a couple of weeks.
Please contact me if you're interested in hearing more details.
All the best,
Marian Walsh


Nov 8, 2004
Near Mt. Misery
That sounds interesting Marian. It would be nice to have our Devil included in what appears to be an artistic and serious project. The best candidate for this project would certainly be a Jersey Pine barrens native, a piney, as their accounts of the Devil are far more credible than the typical loony. The pineys and the Devil are cut from the same cloth.

SureSue had a Devil experience and she grew up in Friendship. She hasn't posted in a while. Bob, do you know her? She might be good for this kind of a thing. Short of Sue being contacted, you might want to check out Leuts Devil Page, I don't know the address, just put Leuts Devil Page in the search engine. She would probably know a good candidate. But take my advice and try to find a piney. Good Luck