NJ to Euthanize 114K Brook Trout Due to Disease


Jan 22, 2007
Southern NJ
Officials will euthanize 114,000 brook trout at New Jersey's Pequest Trout Hatchery in Warren County due to a recurrence of a fish disease.
The Department of Environmental Protection says tests confirmed the presence of furunculosis in brook trout in the upper portion of the concrete raceway system used to raise trout for stocking the state's waterways.
The DEP says the hatchery, which raises more than 600,000 trout annually, had its first outbreak last fall and 25,000 fish were euthanized by introducing carbon dioxide in the water. Officials believe the bacteria were spread by birds feeding on infected fish.
The disease is not a threat to humans.
The state says it will release healthy fish into lakes, rivers and streams in time for opening day of trout season on April 5.