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Sep 14, 2014
I called IBSP a couple of years ago. The woman told me don't bother buying the permit if you aren't a fisherman. She said you must be fishing to drive onto the beach. I saw a photographer's video (Milky Way Mike) who tried to drive onto the beach and was turned away because he did not have bait, even though he had fishing gear.
That woman told you what she was supposed to tell you. I don't want to argue but every one that has a 4WD and some fishing poles can buy a "Sportfishing Permit" to get on the beach, set up the portable out house, the volleyball net, the canopy to stay out of the sun and avoid buying beach badges for the entire family just to lug everything on to the beach. How do I know? I see it every summer day that I go there ( which isn't often anymore). And. at Island Beach, you can hit the bar for a couple of drinks at the end of the day. It's not like it used to be, I bought a permit for years, but not lately, it's gotten out of hand. Progress I guess.
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In reference to the comments on the article and the pic of Dave and his Jeep. I believe the posted statute for legally driving on state forest roads or any roads in NJ for that matter is having the vehicle registered and insured legally and also inspection for vehicles that require it nowadays. Just because a truck is lifted and has larger tires on it does not mean the driver is a lawbreaker, it's merely a personal preference. Perception is reality, I will give you that, but as I have said before, benefit of the doubt is what counts. Just like every person with a Harley is not a Pagan or Warlock, but are perceived that way by some. While I do understand where most of you are coming from, let's not let this thread go off the deep end like most others on this topic have.

Maybe everyone with a Harley is exhibiting good taste.
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