Ole's Ranch/Sally Starr's Ponderosa (not the pizza place)

So was part of the ranch and property on the east side of dutchtown road? This is now the hospital. Prior to the hospital being built I explored quite a lot of it and that area is always a mini pine barrens and intrigued me. I found a kingsnake and lot of others reptiles and amphibians on the property. I relocated many of the box turtles I found and the kingsnake to other areas nearby that weren’t going to be bulldozed. Certainly need hospitals so it was better than big box stores but it was sad to see such a nice property go away. Was always curious what animals they likely saw on the property 50 years ago. Was a special spot for sure.

From the 1957 overhead photos, it looks like the complex proper stayed to the west of what is now the current configuration of Dutchtown Road, not where the hospital building is today.
That looked like a lot of fun. Buck Owens, that was a real coup to get him I think.
Definitely . The Buckaroos with Don Rich were a force of nature, this gig (or really, any gig of theirs) would have been something to see. The gig would have been sometime between 1965 and 1969 when almost every album they put out was going to #1 on the country charts (and they put out 3 or 4 almost every year during that stretch).
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