Photography Show, "Pathways through the Pines"


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May 24, 2013
Pathways through the Pines
by Rosanne Bornholdt and Ann-Marie Woods
Sunday, February 9th, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Bishop Farmstead, Pinelands Preservation Alliance
17 Pemberton Road, Southampton, NJ 08088

Please join us for the opening of a new photography exhibit. Pathways through the Pines highlights the transient and haunting beauty of the New Jersey Pinelands through an incredible selection of photographic images.
Rosanne and Ann-Marie’s friendship began during a botany class offered by the Pinelands Preservation Alliance. They have a shared passion to learn more about the complex relationships of the native flora and fauna within the varied landscape and habitats of the Pinelands.
Ms. Bornholdt and Ms. Woods will give a presentation at
1:30 pm that will take you through four seasons in the Pinelands. Join the photographers as they share selected works and the stories behind them.
Other activities include music and light appetizers.
For more information call Becky at 609-859-8860 x 21 or email
Art will be available for purchase at PPA’s offices till the end of April.



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Dec 11, 2008
Delanco, NJ
Great presentation/photography Ms. Bornholdt and Ms. Woods! My fiance and I enjoyed it today at the PPA.(We were the younger couple in the front seats) And the Pinelands Brewing Co. Sodas were delicious! :) Enjoyed both of your talents, keep doing what yous do.