Piper's Corner


Feb 8, 2004
Barringtonl, NJ
Last Saturday, I checked out the Piper's Corner Preserve run by the Rancocas Conservancy.

Trails are a little rough, and there isn't much there you can't see at Wharton down the road, but there is a broken down tractor in the woods that is pretty nice.

I was pretty happy with that. On my way out though, I totally saw a fox. At first, I thought that someone had let their dog off a leash, but I quickly realized that wasn't right. The fox stared me down for at least ten seconds before I even lifted the camera. I got a few snaps off before he went scampering off.

Total, there are probably a little more than a mile and a half of trails back there.

As per usual, more info and pictures if anyone is interested. Althought, you already saw the fox, so it's all downhill from there.

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