Public service announcement for heterosexual males


Nov 8, 2004
Near Mt. Misery
DO NOT, under any circumstances, EVER,EVER,EVER, go into the woods on the west side of the crosswicks scenic overlook on route 295. No matter how bad you have to pee, do not go there, EVER. Enough said.


Sue Gremlin

Sep 13, 2005
Vicksburg, Michigan
Hah! :rofl:

Same goes for either sex of any orientation, actually. Who wants to see....well, you know. My husband and I made that mistake because there WAS a geocache back there. I think we even actually found it, but it totally was not worth it.

Too bad, because that is actually an extremely interesting site, it is where the D&R canal lock 1 is. The access takes you right to the lock if you can handle the gauntlet. It's worth paddling to from the Bordentown beach if you are so inclined, a really interesting piece of history. The ruin is in very good shape considering it's made of wood and has been in tidal water for a hundred years. And by this route, you don't have to deal with...well?
Apr 6, 2004
LOL, Jeff! The first time I visited that place was the last. I didn't go on the west side, though. I took a trail on the east side to check out the creek. Soon some dude was walking behind me. I turned down another trail, he followed. I turned down a different trail, he followed. I contemplated chucking him into the water, but decided to head back to my car.

Some cool ruins on the river, though.


Nov 8, 2004
Near Mt. Misery
Okay, I've been hit up with a # of requests about the details of this misadventure. I was hoping to get away with just a public warning but I should have known it wouldn't be that easy.

here is what happened:

I was driving to a session (music) near Hamilton. It was a little before dusk. Still light but fading. I had been on 295 for a while and really needed to "water the flowers" real bad. I stopped by the scenic overlook. I noticed a good deal of cars there but assumed the people were on the overlook (I should have looked up but didn't). I proceeded to descend a ramp near the parking area into the woods. I saw a middle aged man ascending the ramp who glanced at me and quickly, nervously, avoided eye contact. He did not respond to my "how ya doing?" but he did stop at the top of the ramp and then start to come back down again.

Shortly after entering the path into the woods I noticed two guys emerging from a trail to the left. They were dressed like they just got out of work. I nodded to them politely, and they looked at me "funny" but then I noticed the trail they came from was very narrow and not a walking path at all. I thought it was odd and thought "they are going to have chiggers. I looked behind me after i passed and saw others coming up from the trail also. Then i put 2 and 2 together. Kind of dawned on me fast and heavy and I felt very uncomfortable.

I continued walking a short ways while I figured out what to do (I really had to go) then i noticed three guys coming down the trail toward me. I kept going. They kept a safe distance but would walk when I walked and then stop when I stopped and just hang about (like Gabe's experience). The path was beginning to loop and I hoped it would form a circle so I could get back to my car. After a bout 1/2 mile, (yeah, a 1/2 mile) the last of the three men finally gave up the ghost and stopped following.

I realized that the path was not looping around so I had to walk back. As I passed the trail where I first noticed the guys coming out, there was alot of traffic and ummm...activity back in there. I kept looking straight and walking fast. I got in my car and got the hell out of there.

When I got to the session I told the drummer I was all creeped out. I told him I stopped at the scenic overlook and he interrupted me and said "Dude, it's all fa----s back in there". I said "yeah, I could have used that information about a 1/2 hour ago". Then the bass player comes into the studio and the drummer says, "Jeff wento into the woods by the overlook" and the bass player says, "what?, that is a gay hook up spot". So I guess I was the only guy in the world who didn't know about this. I started thinking that I couldn't be the only one which is why I brought it up here. To prevent you all from a weird situation.

the singer suggested we end the session early so I could hang out with my new friends:bang:

Okay, so there you go.



Site Administrator
Sep 17, 2002
The same situation was happening on 42 near the Deptford Mall years ago, and the state closed off the parking area with cement.



Dec 11, 2005
Again, human behavior has got me completely stymied. Like the freaks who want to destroy Apple Pie Hill Hill firetower, where's the wisdom here? Is "respect" completely extinct today? Is testosterone the new H-BOMB? I think it is. The new motto of modern man "Let's ride this thing out and have a blast while the raging flames burn our ass." No respect. No one cares. Just ejaculate and get a move on. Freaking weird. I really believe in Zombies now. Walking dead people, mostly men.


Jan 25, 2008
Browns Mills
Sorry, Did you drive the dogs nuts humming it all day? Can you imagine kids in school in the 80's wearing those shorts in gym class!


Sep 7, 2005
I've been George-rolled (which I should state, given the nature of the thread, has nothing to do with Largo).

Thanks for that Mark. That's all I need. Don't go there Bob, it could be bad for you. I've avoided this thread because given my usual nature, I could get quite out of hand with it. This thread is like a crack pipe to a junky in front of me, so I'll go now. Stick to the swamps Jeff, you'll be better off.
No glory holes in a swamp cedar. (I hope anyway).


(Oh, I weeped when Wamm broke up, damn the 80's!)