September 3, 1915 - Would Settle Half Million People on Jersey Waste Lands


Mar 25, 2004
Would Settle Half Million People on Jersey Waste Lands
September 3 1915 - New Jersey Courier, page 14

The new department of conservation and development, under the direction of Alfred Gaskill, state forester, has outlined an ambitious program which has for its purpose the turning of the tide of New Jersey's population toward the state's vacant agricultural lands.
Within a radius of sixty miles of Trenton, according to Mr. Gaskill, there is 1,000,000 acres of profitable farming land, scarcely one-third of which has been cleared. The remainder consists of nominal forest land that can be recovered for the plow.
The department will set about to bring 500,000 new settlers to New Jersey within the next ten years, and at the same time will endeavor to teach Jerseymen the advantage that their state offers them.
Other objects that the department has in view are the standardization of the clay products in the state, the study of its mineral resources to determine whether potash for agricultural purposes can be found in paying quantities and the continuation of the work of saving the forests by systematic reclamation and the improvement of the forest fire fighting equipment.

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This article was found during my research on the history of the Borough of Beachwood from the microfilm of the New Jersey Courier at the Ocean County Historical Society. I will post more articles as they are found during my main research.

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Oct 25, 2002
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Thanks for posting. Very interesting. There wanted to kill all deer and rabbits as nuisance animals so that the hunters on state land would have nothing to go after, and so thereby hinder them from starting forest fires. What a wild idea. This guy Gaskill really made a name for himself. But, I'm sure he felt he was doing the right thing at the time.